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This came up once before last April, but Theodora just brought it up again.

LiveJournalers can read this site as part of their friends list. Theo writes:

Hey, I figured out how to make the feed from your blog appear on livejournal

(Theo listed a different URL--this is the older, more subscribed one.)

So now people can use this feed to add your to their regularly read LJ 'friends' list.  Also, people can leave comments to the "user" created by this syndicated feed - I couldn't figure out how to turn that off since you'd probably never see the comments.  (I posted a comment to today's armored rose post on the LJ user as a test - I'm too dumb about XML/RSS to understand if this would get posted back to but I think not.)

Alas, it does not.

Anyway, just wanted to be polite and let you know I set up the feed syndication and how it's working.  I assume you don't mind since you provided a feed, but thought I'd ask.  There are ways to block LJ from syndicating your feed if you dislike people not going directly to your site.

I discovered the older feed via the referrer logs on my site.

There IS a live journal cross poster out there for Drupal*, but it only works the other way--from my site to livejournal. LJ has no software "hooks" I know of that would let it authenticate to my site so that comments or entries could be posted. So if there's something you want to post here and in your personal LJ (or DeadJournal for that matter,) you can post it here and have it show up both places. If this is something you might use, let me know and I'll add it to this site.

*Drupal is the "content managment system" that I use to run this site and several others: Different Computers, Different Games, Students for Creative Anachronism @ UVa, Mac +/- and my new venture, Prepped for Anything.

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