Armored Combat

Armored Combat (also called Heavy Weapons) as practiced in the Society for Creative Anachronism. Full contact and full speed using real armor and simulated weapons.
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My Back Says: Weekend at Home

As much as I love Passages at Arms, my back does not love the idea of my fighting this weekend.

I tried some fighting tonight at practice, and while I could do it, it was clear I should not do it. Not to mention that both Philip and Aethelwolf were kicking my butt, so clearly a functioning back is necessary for good fighting. Duh.

So, instead, I'll take it easy, do some gardening, maybe go to some crazy 50's band thing Saturday night, and generally save gas and have fun. Also, ice on my sacro-iliac.

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Video Currently Broken, as Would be the Guy

This guy is lucky he picked the Church of Jedi to pick on.

Imagine if he had rushed into an SCA armored combat practice, shouting "DRAGON!!!!"

The video link in the story is currently broken, as the guy would have been after taking a swing.

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More Tourney of Chivalry Pics

Lewis and Eleanor took a bunch of great pics at Tournament of Chivalry.

Check the rest out here.

Tournament Of Chivalry Photos

Ursus has updated his site with pictures from Tournament of Chivalry (not ToC, as Mistress Theo will tell you).

Anyway, they are located here.


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Summer Schedule

I'm looking at the Acorn calendar and starting to put a tentative travel schedule together for the summer.

Sapphire is next, Assessment is on there. Aside from that, I'm open to suggestions. I'm considering the Pas du Foret Mysterious-spelling in NC, which would in theory let me get down to see Girard without him having to drive like crazy.

Stierbach is also a possibility, or Highland River, though that's always a killer drive.

Please discuss, lobby, whatever. Consult the Household SCA Calendar as you need to.

You don't have to be household to comment here. Pitch your event. Tell us why it will be cooler than the swimming hole in August!

I'll even allow commenting on LJ for the lazy.

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Tournament of Chivalry

A lovely weekend trip to Tournament of Chivalry. After much tooth gnashing last week, the number of knights in attendance proved to be more than adequate.

Friday night Roland was gracious enough to help me finish off Girard's squire belt, whose buckle end I was perhaps a bit overambitious in designing. But it came out fine, with help of several of Roland's fancy hammers.

Girard didn't have any last minute change of heart, so just before the fighting began he gave his fealty to me as my squire. Welcome to him and his lady! And special thanks to Evja, who came just for the ceremony on what turned out to be the last weekend before her husband Tom ships out to Iraq for another six months.

Img 1970 Girard's Pics here.
And my few pics here.

Thoughts on the tourney

If I recall from Genvieve, the Mistress of the Lists correctly, there were 86 fighters in the list. About 15 knights. My impression of the unbelts as a whole is that the top end was relatively well represented, the bottom end was there in force, and the mid range was oddly absent. Clearly, gas prices affected attendance, as the number of people who had traveled from below the Virginia state line could be counted on one hand.

Allowing the unbelts to choose between tourney fights, sparring passes and instructional time made for a more collegial atmosphere between the participants. I am undecided about whether this was a good thing. Certainly this was a less intense Tournament of Chivalry than any previous.
The "three passes" option also slowed down the line of those waiting to fight.

Great weapon skill is very lacking among our unbelted fighters.

Several people told me there were some good pics of me taken. I can't wait.

After the tourney we had a lovely party at Jen & Alan's, which thankfully I didn't have to cook for.
Countess Alexis made a surprise appearance, everyone had a good time, and I decided I needed a nap around 9:30. That turned in to a solid twelve hours of sleep.

Then a yucky drive home in the rain, and an afternoon of enforced laziness on the sofa, since all our projects are outdoor ones just now.

Much to my surprise, I'm not particularly sore today, and I only have one bruise: perfectly off target on the inside of my right wrist.

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News about Lady Roisin

Word was announced at Gulf Wars, before the combined Chivalry of the Known World, that come April 19th, TRMs Northshield intend to elevate our friend Lady Roisin to the Chivalry. To take place at this event in Minneapolis if you can make it.
That's Roisin on the left in the picture above. Questers for Venus may recall her as Minerva at the coronation of Val and Arielle.
Congrats to my good friend and soon to be sister!

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Upcoming Stuff

I'm sure you all check the calendar regularly, but here are a few more details of what's coming up in the near near future. This weekend we're day tripping to Caer Mear's 30th Celebration. Girard and Guienevra are coming too, so we may actually get a chance to fight with each other a bit.

Kit and I are also day tripping to Defending the Gate on the 22nd, and once again the proto-squire and his lady will be there, probably staying over at our place that night or the night before or both.

My next planned event after that is Tournament of Chivalry, where, among other things, Girard the proto-squire will become Girard the squire.

Hmmm, I should probably start on the belt sometime soon.

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Now We're Rolling: Yesterday's Practice

Fourth Sunday came off nicely, with 20 or so people at the house. Though there was some confusion about who was going to cook, it all worked out. Thanks to Kailo for stepping in and managing the beef cooking.

And there was fighting.

Sean and Philip in the back yard. Also Aethelwolf and Philip fighting at this link.

Dwarf came down with Sean, and as you can see from the pictures, Jonathan from UVa also armored up. As you can't see from the pictures, I also got in gear. Hooray for not having any trouble with my ankle.

At the end of the day, since we had a lefty at practice, Philip, Sean and I worked on understanding and defeating the Oscar the Grouch offhand fighter defense. Too bad there are no pictures of that!

Those of you appearing in these pictures--I don't plan to leave these up forever, so if you want them, download them and save them yourself.

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