Armored Combat

Armored Combat (also called Heavy Weapons) as practiced in the Society for Creative Anachronism. Full contact and full speed using real armor and simulated weapons.
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New Rules = Refurb'ed Polearm

So, the new Marshal's Handbook is out.

Built up, laminated polearms are allowed in Atlantia.

I have an old polearm that has been on the shelf for oh, seven years. It got a bit flexible so I retired it, though it is still stiffer than a flyfishing pole.

So, today I took a spare scrap of rattan and shaped it for a slashing spear. I'll give it a try at practice Thursday.

Frankly, for all the "It is the user, not the weapon who is dangerous" noise I hear, I'm concerned that I may dent some helms, or worse, crack some collarbones with such a weapon.

But if not, proper handling and hard hitting might give my polearm skills a new boost.

Pics when it is out of the clamps.

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Fourth Sunday Crafts/Practice/Food! September 28

Seems like it has come around awfully fast, but this coming Sunday the 28th is the fourth of the month, so I'm hosting the combined Caer Glynniog/Isenfir Archery/Rapier/Armored practice/get-together/crafts afternoon.

I have a sense we'll see a larger than usual number of new people at this one, since UVa recruiting has gone really well. In particular, new interest in armored combat has almost half a dozen people starting out, wanting to make swords, looking for gear and so on. Very encouraging!

As usual, we'll go from 1 until around 6 or so. The Two Sallys have offered to cook this time.

One thing to note if you've been to these before: This time Thjora/Kit will NOT be in attendance. She's off that weekend to get some intensive rapier practice and won't be home 'til late. So sewing help will not really be available.

I hope to see Philip, Aethelwolf, Charles, Aloisius, Timm, Bubba, Landi and me in armor, with David, Danny, Andrew, Sev, Farrhan, out to learn some more stuff. How about Seamus, Karhu, Eric, Johanna? Some of the Caer Mear crew?

If you're not local but are interested in coming, let me know! Event details are available at

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Next Event: Journey to the Crusades

Less than two weeks to a nice local event Journey to the Crusades. Crash space is available if you don't want to camp.

This year I get to fight. I hope Bryce lets us fight around and on the picnic tables like I allowed last year. I expect the turn out will be much better than last year too. I know there's already been some emphasis on the event as we talk to the more enthusiastic new people in Isenfir.

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Great Demo Yesterday

Yesterday's demo at the Triangle was one of the best I've attended. Sure we could have had more combatants (where were you guys?) but we had enough, and the crowds were constant without being overwhelming.

I don't recall a more receptive crowd ever. It seemed like a very large number of the spectators were actually there on purpose, to see what the SCA is. Good work Charles on getting the word out to this year's student mailing list.

And while plenty of students came out and many stayed for almost the whole time, there were lots of townspeople too. And very interestingly, I noticed that several different times, new people who had not arrived together ended up chatting with each other, sometimes for quite a while. And that is a really great sign, since that means the new people will connect with each other and not just the established members.

My camera went around, lots of people took pics. I'll post them tomorrow, since I left the camera at home today.

Thanks to everyone who came out and helped. I'm really going to be surprised if this demo and our other recruiting activities this month don't ultimately end us up with 6+ new members.

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Isenfir Triangle Demo 9/7

Last night's practice was a bit slow for armored fighting. Rain and miscommunication about whether to invite new people meant it was lightly attended. We did see a new guy from Madison. David comes from Montana where he got an hour and a half of in armor time. He likes to make stuff and seems enthusiastic. Good to see Timm and his new armor too!

Sunday is Isenfir's Triangle Demo. Considering the huge list of people who signed up at UVa's student activities fair, it should be well attended. Anyone interested in coming to help (looking at Caer Mear here) would be more than welcome. Anyone from out of town who wants to come can have crash space the night before, if that makes it more attractive. We really need armored fighters, but of course rapier and showy crafts are always welcome too.

We start at 1 PM. The location is lovely, there is shade, with plenty of cute students to ask you questions about your armor. Afterwards, I expect some may adjourn to a local eatery across the street for food and beer. Come help the Company of the Bay's resurgence!

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Who Knew?

Who knew Rosin and I are the same height?

Actually, she looks a little taller.

Thanks for the pics Ursus!

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Girard le Bourguignon

Girard joined the household at Tournament of Chivalry in the spring of 2008, after discussing and training with Corby since Pennsic 2007. He resides in Windmaster's Hill and fights sword and shield and polearm primarily.

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Pennsic Prep and the Best Shield in the World

To calm Isabel and hopefully not annoy Thjora, I thought I'd mention that my Pennsic prep has gone pretty smoothly. Last night I painted the gold onto the Best Shield in the World, and also finished covering the cute little heavy T6 shield blank Alan gave me. (Don't be too shocked: First, it is the heaviest piece of T6 I've ever seen, and second, it is probably just going to be a loaner.) Philip was over this weekend and used his amazing helicopter repair skills to properly re-fiberglas the Best Shield. Here's a pic of it after repair and before recovering.

This shield is two years old. I'd thought it was three. But in any case, it has proven to be remarkably durable. Yes, I wish its shape was slightly different, and I wish it was slightly smaller. Those are my errors, not Reynard's! He does amazing work, and I hope I'll always be fighting with one of his shields. Rigid shields have spoiled me. When I had to use my old aluminum one this past spring, I hated it. So wobbly when it gets hit.

Tonight, hopefully Lewis is coming over to help with reapplication of the crows, and I'll get the green chief painted.

Perhaps we'll debate what to paint on the new little T6er too. Otherwise, things remaining undone that must be done before we leave:

  1. Tie new loops for the tent. No biggie.
  2. Paint war standard poles. An hour or so.
  3. Old Camail attached to Phrygian Helm. Could wait 'til the war.
  4. Reattach camail to demi-helm. Ditto.
  5. Print out SCA biz cards for Thjora and me. Done shortly. Yay for a slack job.
  6. Shopping, because Thjora has enough to do.
  7. Put some plants in the ground.
  8. Air in the cart tires.
  9. Pack

It Will Be Done.

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Ursus is Great! (Storvik Novice Pics)

This was a great exchange between Baron Ansel and me in the melees after the tourneys. I'm so glad Ursus caught some of it. Many other great pictures there too.

It was hot at Novice, but fun, even with the nosy wandering around of unsupervised children. Discussion of this after the fact had me coming up with the idea of temporary tattoos featuring a cartoon kid taking a lollipop from a cartoon vulture in a trench coat, with the text "I WAS LEFT UNSUPERVISED BY MY PARENTS" inscribed around it in flowery script. Those would be fun to hand out to kids. Deserving ones.

Congrats to Ru and Amos, winners of the Novice and Unbelted tournaments. And nice job Theron, who ran the tournaments quickly and on time. All marshals should aspire to such.

Also, it proved to be a warning about my conditioning and upcoming Pennsic. My back has kept me from much of the conditioning I intended to do this summer, and now I have two weeks to catch up since my back is better now. With such a fight-packed War planned, I need to improve my stamina! Must get to the gym, must aerobicize.

Right now though, I must burritocize.

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Pennsic Armored Battlefield Schedules

Todd Last/Uneg from somewhere up north was kind enough to capture all the Pennsic official battlefield schedule info onto Google Calendar.

This also makes it available to iCal. So you can add it to your iPhone or whatever.

He graciously gave me permission to post the links:

rrqkgiaoh2vbqnf8nv2bbfeh60 [at] group [dot] calendar [dot] google [dot] com/public/basic.ics">iCal import (opens in iCal if you have it, may work with other vCal compliant apps.)

rrqkgiaoh2vbqnf8nv2bbfeh60 [at] group [dot] calendar [dot] google [dot] com&ctz=America/New_York">HTML (For just looking, or adding to your Google Calendar)

rrqkgiaoh2vbqnf8nv2bbfeh60 [at] group [dot] calendar [dot] google [dot] com/public/basic">XML (For the uber-geeks, or as an RSS feed.)

If you're subscribed to the household's SCA calendar then all this info is already added.

Please don't blame me that there is no rapier info listed.

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