Armored Combat

Armored Combat (also called Heavy Weapons) as practiced in the Society for Creative Anachronism. Full contact and full speed using real armor and simulated weapons.
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Attending Lochmere Baronial Birthday this weekend

In case anyone's plans would change based on mine, I'm attending Lochmere's Baronial Birthday this weekend.

It's very hard for me to resist a Masters of Defense style tourney. Last year's weather threatened all day, but actually held off. Results were a small list of people who had a great time, but no rain. Oh, and last year, I won the sword and shield, polearm, greatsword, two sword and spear lists.

This year the weather is threatening again, but I'm still going to be there Saturday morning unless it is raining tomcats and hoe handles.

Staying on site Saturday night in the bunkhouse unless someone has a better offer.

Anything going on up that way on Sunday?

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Thoughts Anyone? What the Hell is Going On?

I mean, yeah, it's a naginata fight, but the rules seem impenetrable as cricket.

There are about 39 different times when it seems like someone gets hit and it isn't scored, and 15 times when huge openings are left ignored.
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Whew. What a Weekend

I'm finally back at work after a whole holiday weekend away from home.  Sapphire Joust was great, though I didn't get to fight and I've discovered I don't much like being Marshal in Charge of Anything at big events. Thankfully no marshal related problems. Congrats to Joscelyn for winning the Sapphire Prize!  Wish I had bothered to pull my camera out for some pictures. 

Special thanks to Maggie S, who kept me hydrated on the field, and to Blackspear for dinner Saturday night. Extra bonus: Snagged a hotel room bed that same evening! Hooray Gen's generosity! 

With the double whammy of no fighting at Sapphire and limited or no attendance at Pennsic, I find my motivation for making new armor (see my entry a few back) or fighting a bit lacking. And being sick last week didn't help. But this week it is time to get back into the gym!

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March Fourth Sunday

Here we go again.

Last month was great, with 13 people from all over in armor.
Joscelyn & Kelby
This month is the day after Defending the Gate and a week after Gulf Wars, so maybe it won't be as well attended. However, I expect much better UVa student attendance since it is not immediately before spring break like last month was.
However, there is a chance of rain, which would mean no fighting, maybe just slow work in the garage. But barring that, Joscelyn, Shoprat and maybe some other guys are planning to come down.
Everyone is invited! 1-6 PM. I hear rumors of grilled satay for food.
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Corby does impressions!

Okay okay, I lift my shield too much.

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More of last week's practice

Tomorrow: Impressions!

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Polypropylene Striking and Torture Test

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Time for New Gear

I'm very interested in getting back to a pair of vambraces that look more like these, which are one set back.

I stopped using them because they didn't fit quite right. They weren't protective enough around the points of the elbow, especially on the inside. So I made the ones I have now.

Sadly, these are not as pretty, especially now that they have aged and darkened. I really like the light yellowish tan color that I get from using Fiebing's  yellow, but it just does not stay that color over time. It gets darker and darker as it absorbs sweat. For example, here is my current gorget when new.

It currently looks almost black. This reminds me that I also need to make a new gorget. And, while I'm at it, I might as well make it all match and do up a new pair of gaiters. The current ones are still perfectly serviceable, which is amazing since I'm damn certain they were made around 1994, if not earlier. I recall the original motivation for making them was that Kyle had a tendency to hit low when we practiced back at Holliday Elementary!

Here they are at Thorbrandr's coronation, 1994, looking very new.
Time to design! And get into the shop.

One of my other problems with the pretty vambraces is that the octofoil washers seen here were painted gold, not brass, so they scuffed and then rusted. They also had the alarming tendency, if hit just right, to bend up, presenting my opponents with a nice little steel cutting edge. Bad.

So if anyone knows of a reasonable source for pretty, durable brass or bronze stud decorations please let me know. This more or less leaves out every SCA merchant source, because a buck or two each is not reasonable. I probably need 60 of them, if I'm going to use them on my gorget, half gauntlet, gauntlet cuffs, vambraces and gaiters.

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Tir-Y-Don Practice

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Rattan Replacement Test

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