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Like Liam, Aethelwolf fostered to me from Torvald when Torvald moved out of kingdom for a few years.

After Pennsic 35, Aethelwulf wrote to me with this:

I am going to be more active from now on, unless job circumstances prevent it. Especially now that I hear Thorvald is actually getting back into armor. I'm about 2/3 done making leather plates for a lamellar rig to replace the aketon as my main body armor (I'm around 460 plates dyed and punched already). You've seen my new leather arms (though I am going to paint the stags on them), and I rebuilt my legs to a happy place I think I can tolerate from now on.

I'm trying to figure out how to do a better mantle for my helm, the leather I have on it is just getting tacky at this point. Any ideas or suggestions? (I'd rather avoid using chain, but I am thinking of making a really light weight (with supple leather) lamellar mantle or barring that, something in dark green cloth that I can put my stylized stag on the back.)

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I see that Sir Corby is posting stuff already. At least it's better than "I don't think anybody knows what the hell Æthelwulf has been up to."