info on the origin of some tradition in Society or the household.
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Twelfth Night at the Fire Hall

Twelfth Night in Dun Carriag is at the same hall where Colin and I were knighted. A beautiful place for an indoor event, Keylin is cooking so it should be a worthwhile event all around.

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Thanksgiving Weekend

Anyone is welcome to come by this weekend. Evja, Tom, Jen and Alan will be staying over, Lewis and Eleanor will be by often, Philip is up for a practice, and several of the Charlottesville practice folks are up for it as well.

I think Sioban is coming down Friday.

Lots of leftovers to clear out, too.

Just give a call first as there may be field trips in the offing.

Update: The weekend visitors all had to leave by Saturday Morning.

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Block Printing Madness

Having lost my "presentable" surcoat (anyone seen it?) Thjora offered to make me a couple new ones. Also, Susie's was wearing out, so she's getting a new one too.

Took me a while to get back in the hang of it, but by the third one I was cranking the prints out. So much so that I was inspired to continue on to the long-ignored household t-shirts.

I never really liked the iron on transfer with the household name and motto. It didn't print very dark and just wasn't bold enough. So instead I just used the badge lino block and printed that on the shirts. Eight of them got done before I ran out of space to hang them.

It's a mix of sizes from S to XL, so first come first fit among those who don't already have a shirt.

The lino blocks work much better laying the oil based ink down on cotton jersey than on polycotton trigger.

Pictures tomorrow, maybe.

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Collectables of the Future (now with answers)

Watching Antiques Roadshow a month or so ago, I listened to an expert describe someone's collection of his father's union buttons.

He had a hundred or more little buttons, many of which were handed out at some event or another--usually union retreats or strategy meetings. Nothing fancy about any of them, most just said "Local 666 Sin Eaters Anti-Scab Strategy Retreat July 12 1956" or something similar.

These little buttons turned out to be very collectible. Translation: valuable.

Here's why, according to the expert:

  • Union materials have collectors.
  • Most of the buttons were self documenting--they are simply and directly linked to a specific time and place.
  • Most of the buttons were made for a single event that had limited attendance, so there aren't many of them.
  • Most people probably didn't save theirs, increasing rarity even further.

    So, what does this remind you of? Actually, what two, vaguely related things? I'll continue this entry later, but first I want to see if anyone else (whom I haven't already discussed this with) can find the link.

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    Shop Productivity and the Story of the Sword

    We just had a lovely weekend up in Maryland, enjoying the hospitality of Genevieve and Alan.
    I also got to enjoy the use of Master Roland's shop, where finally, after a year of planning, I got the old sword furniture swapped onto my "new" Angus Trim Sword blade. This is just plainly the very nicest sword blade I've ever swung around. Even with the original furniture, which was too small for my hand, it was the only real sword I've ever felt I could do technique with.

    As a bonus, I also (with Roland's help) got the new furniture attached to the old sword blade. Roland even ground out the crappy "INDIA" stamp on the old blade.

    Now I need to make or get the wood insert for a proper sheath. Then I can get it all tricked out with a new belt and fittings.
    So here's the story of the sword and its furniture.

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    Ice Castles

    With the 10th anniversary of my knighting this month, I guess I'm feeling nostalgic. So even though Thjora doesn't plan to attend Ice Castles in two weeks, I find myself rather motivated to go. Ice Castles was my first "real" tournament, and the second tourney I ever attended. (The first was "Highland Games" in Marinus.)

    Throckmorton, Cedric and I were a team called "Two Glaives, No Brains." I should remember to scan and post the picture of us from that day, which must now be on the order of eighteen years ago. So long ago that Ishmael fought. Klaus and Pickle were King and Queen. (I just checked the precedence, and based on the reign, it was February of 1987.) That day I was the first time I asked someone to let me fight for them in a Crown Tourney. That weekend I met Thorbrandr, who happens to have knighted me.

    In those eighteen years, I think I've missed about 3 Ice Castles. Ice Castles was the first tourney where I killed a knight in single combat with a glaive, the tourney where I delivered the most beautiful face thrust ever, the first place I was the "senior" knight responsible for the toast to Their Majesties and the tourney where Colin as part of my team proved to everyone that he could fight like a knight.

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    The Spurs

    Evja spoke up, asking me to explain the history of the household regalia. So, just like a knighting, I'm going to start at the bottom and describe the spurs first. It's also fitting that I start with the spurs because of the three pieces, they are the most venerable.

    They are a pair of english riding spurs, probably circa 1975. They're silver in color and probably made of steel, though they're rather fragile. I don't know who originally bought them, or from where, but it wouldn't surprise me if they came from the leather shop that TJ ran back in the 70's in Richmond.

    More importantly than those mundane details these are the spurs placed on Alaric von Rostern at his knighting. Alaric was the first to be knighted from Caer Mear and the first Atlantian to win a Crown and the first Prince of Atlantia.

    • In 1976 they passed to Tojeneraum, second from Caer Mear to be knighted, and the fifth Prince of Atlantia.

      In 1979 the spurs graced the heels of Brytor, third from Caer Mear to be knighted, the third, fourth and eighth Prince of Atlantia.

      After a rest, in 1995 they passed to me, Corby, sixth from Caer Mear to be knighted. And now Colin has those spurs and has had them since his knighting in 2002.

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    Thoughts on Squires and Squiring

    Taking or becoming a squire should not be entered into lightly. Act in haste, repent at leisure.

    When considering squirehood, make sure both parties understand the whole deal. Talk about every facet of the job and the relationship as each of you see it, so there are no surprises.

    I was lucky in my squiring, that Sir TJ was a very easy-going knight who never had any surprises for me. Lucky because we did not discuss things as we should have, and there were several times I had to go to him and ask "Hey, is this the right idea? Is this OK?"

    Well, my squires know exactly what I expect of them in every way I can think of before I ever take them. And the process of explaining all that ahead of time helps them get over any reluctance they may have to bring something to me after they've squired.

    Here are actual examples of the things I cover with my potential squires:

    • belts - which, how many
    • other symbols of squiring - allowed?
    • the difference between a request and an order
    • when they must fight
    • Pennsic camp arrangements
    • heraldry, specifically household surcoats
    • men at arms
    • what I mean by "household"

    Do you know your pontenial/current knight's/squire's answers to all those topics? If you're already in a household (or heading one!) then get them straight. If you're thinking of joining one or asking someone to join one, then get these clear. And of course, there are other topics just as important to cover.

    All that said, it mostly doesn't matter what kind of household a peer builds. Only that everyone joining the household knew what they were in for before they joined. Do you want to be part of a group that runs with military discipline and organization? Fine. Prefer to find some guys who just want to wear matching surcoats and drink beer together? Okay. But imagine the problems that occur of someone expecting the latter joins the former.

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    Thjora's Pelican Ceremony

    Submitted by Genevieve some time ago, now resurrected from the depths of the database.

    With Your Majesties' permission, may I stand so that I might be heard by both You and Your assembled court?

    I am Elisabeth MacAlester, Companion of Their Majesties' Orders of the Laurel and the Pelican. Those who have been honored with these sibling Peerages bear upon their breasts the emblem of a pelican feeding her chicks, surrounded by the leaves of the laurel.

    The laurel, the emblem of the arts, shelters the bird, surrounding it with beauty and grace, as the beauty and grace of so many ancient arts surround us here in Atlantia. But it is the pelican, the symbol of service, that lies at the heart of the emblem, as service lies in the hearts of men.

    There is one among Your court who has long since been elevated to Your Order of the Laurel. And this is rightly so, for she fills our lives with clothing, furniture, jewelry, and countless other objects of grace and beauty. But so, too--through her long work with the University of Atlantia and other of Your Majesty's institutions--does she offer her whole heart in service to You and to this fairest of Kingdoms. And I would beg Your Majesties, at this time, to offer her membership in Your most noble Order of the Pelican.

    With Your Majesties' permission, may I stand so that I might be heard by both You and Your assembled court?

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