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House de la Flamme

A month or so ago, Thjora mentioned that if there was a page on the site that talked about the household's members, that she couldn't find it. True, there used to be one, but I think it rotted away over various site upgrades. In fact I found it, but all the pic links are bad.

So here is the place for listing all our members, as well as other important things about House de la Flamme. One thing putting this together has revealed to me--I don't believe there's a single picture anywhere of the whole household together. Even if I left off the guy who is in Iowa!

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The thing I'm most looking forward to at Pennsic is:

* Spending quality time with my friends and household.\n* Spending quality time with my Tiger Balm and talcum powder.\n* Good booze\n* Bad booze\n* Chances to discuss the place for chivalry in the modern world on peaceful evenings around the fire.\n* Getting laid down in the bog by someone whose last name I don't know.\n* Showing valor on the field of deeds!\n* Being there instead of at work.\n

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Congrats to TJ, Jason & Torvald!

Tj called me up yesterday to report on the Storvik Novice Tourney:

  • TJ reauthorized after a decade or more out of armor His new armor and old helmet (the leather one!) passed inspection Jason won the youth combat in his bracket & finished second in the open rapier Torvald got his authorization re-upped by working out the paperwork.

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Final Details of TJ's Anniversary Tourney

Final Details of TJ's Anniversary TourneyI don't think I posted this in the final form before.

TJ's Polearm Tourney at Pennsic will be Monday August 14 at 3 PM.

Note in particular that this tournament does not allow unpadded polearms.

Please do plan on being there. And plan on being polearm authorized by then, if you aren't already.

Prizes will include a pair of matched pole axes and a nice brooch.

If you can't fight, please come and help!

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TJ's 30th Anniversary Polearm Tourney

Though still not definite, it is very likely that TJ's celebratory polearm tourney will be on the second Monday of the war, in the morning.

At the moment, according to this list, the only thing scheduled against it is the Historic series buckler tourney.

Please, everyone in the household, try to be at the war in time for the tournament, and make sure you've authorized polearm by then!

Oh, and I'm very interested in suggestions for a prize or prizes.

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Pics of Colin's Squiring!

I had never seen the pictures at this link on Tir-Y-Don's web site until just now when I did a google search on "hastilude."

Too bad the links to larger images don't work. I'll have to bug Auric.

Speaking of which, Hastilude is week after this, so plan your trip!

Colin's Belt, Chain, and Spurs

Okay, to help me remember all those things that are important to a knight I'm placing them together here so I'll never forget (or at least I'll know where to look them up). Anyway, upon my knighting I was given a belt, chain, and a set of spurs. Each of these items has a deep meaning for me. Allow me now to share their lineage with you.

Chain: My knighting chain has a short but honored history. It was give by Duke Bertrand de Flammepoing, the first Duke from Caer Mear, to Sir Corby at his knighting and Sir Corby passed it to me.

Spurs: My spurs are the ones originally placed on Alaric von Rostern at his knighting. Count Alaric was the first knight made from the Barony of Caer Mear, the first Prince of Atlantia, and the first Atlantian to win a crown. In 1976 they passed to Sir Tojeneraum, second from Caer Mear to be knighted, and the fifth Prince of Atlantia. In 1979 the spurs graced the heels of Brytor, third from Caer Mear to be knighted, the third, fourth and eighth Prince of Atlantia. After a rest, in 1995 they passed to Sir Corby, sixth from Caer Mear to be knighted. In 2002, they passed to me.

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New Year's Party Theme

The party is really taking shape, with lots of people coming from all over. Plus, since it falls on the weekend, days of projects, hanging out and fight practices can bracket the festivities.

We even have a theme now! "A year of holidays"--come and represent your favorite holiday: wear a mistletoe hat, leprechaun green, your 4th of July swim suit or dress up as the easter bunny.

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Let's Do It! A De la Flamme New Year's Eve

Max & Markie wish you happy holidays.OK, we're definite for New Year's. Seems like there are enough folks with no where more exciting to go:

    Jen & Adam
    Frank & Susan
    Mike & Cosette
    Siobhan &(?)Kevin & Jake
    Jeremy--if he's off work

And probably a mess of other, local people like Scott, Dee, Kirk, Cyndi and such like suspects who haven't bothered to reply yet.

Have YOU RSVPed?

Still searching for a catchy theme, though. Several options listed in the previous topic's comments. Suggestions?

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Not Definite Yet, but...

...who's up for a New Year's Eve party at our place?

As usual, crash space available and other activities, like a fight practice, are possible.

It's always a good time, even without a pool table.

Note that this also serves as a way to find out who's checking the household web site.

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