info on the origin of some tradition in Society or the household.
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Like Liam, Aethelwolf fostered to me from Torvald when Torvald moved out of kingdom for a few years.

After Pennsic 35, Aethelwulf wrote to me with this:

I am going to be more active from now on, unless job circumstances prevent it. Especially now that I hear Thorvald is actually getting back into armor. I'm about 2/3 done making leather plates for a lamellar rig to replace the aketon as my main body armor (I'm around 460 plates dyed and punched already). You've seen my new leather arms (though I am going to paint the stags on them), and I rebuilt my legs to a happy place I think I can tolerate from now on.

I'm trying to figure out how to do a better mantle for my helm, the leather I have on it is just getting tacky at this point. Any ideas or suggestions? (I'd rather avoid using chain, but I am thinking of making a really light weight (with supple leather) lamellar mantle or barring that, something in dark green cloth that I can put my stylized stag on the back.)

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Labor Day Plan?

Yes, Pennsic is hard upon us, but before you know it we'll be back from the war, with nothing on the schedule. Many folks have birthdays around the start of September, and we have a 3 day weekend the 2-4th. Who would be interested in coming to our place for a reprise of the wine and cheese tasting, complete with knocking around, projects and general merry making?

Update: Please read the comments.

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Late Night Project

The Household SwordI'm sleepy today because at 10:30 I started serious work on my scabbard. Earlier in the evening I glued all the figures to the wooden liner, then I had to wait for the wood to dry. Then the cased leather needed some rough fitting before skiving down the very top, which will be folded over to give a finished edge. Using clamps to hold it in place, I formed the leather around the figures on the face of the scabbard. Then sewing. That's the part I hate the most. The waxed thread I had must have been defective, because I've never had any length of thread break so many times on me.

That was enough of a pain that I ultimately only did a single running stitch across most of the scabbard. But it is on, it is tight and it should be dry by the time I get home. Then I can go back and finish the back part of the stitching. And it is going to look amazing. I forgot to take a progress pic this morning. Sleepy. Because I finished up at 2 in the morning.

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Lady Leofwynne came to us from Isenfir, but now resides in Caer Mear. Thjora offers her guidance on artistic matters as she pursues her stained glass art.

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Household Picture Page

Here's a single page with pics of everyone in the household. Not complete yet!

left to right: Evja, Corby, Philip, Edwin, Susanna, Colin.

Mistress Thjora and Mistress Genvieve

Eleanor and Lewis Abbot

Rolf the BluntRolf the Blunt

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Lady Clare, member of the Order of the Golden Dolphin was until recently the Chancellor of the University of Atlantia.IMG_0579.JPG She loves books!

Clare lives in northern Virginia with Sir Colin and their two children, Zack and Marcus, and about 10,000 books.

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Former Baron of Black Diamond, Liam fostered to Corby for several years when Sir Torvald lived out of kingdom. Liam says he's working on a new 14th century kit, so perhaps we'll see him out more often soon.

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Genvieve d'Aquitane

Mistress of the Pelican, Baroness of the Court and noted string nut, Genvieve started in Black Diamond just in time to haul HRM Bera all over the kingdom.

She was Thjora's apprentice in costuming arts prior to her elevation.

Genvieve now resides in Maryland.

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Eleanor Abbott

Eleanor Abbott met me at the same moment I met Lewis, way back at the VCU MEAD practice on the business building lawn. Though she showed talent with heavy weapons, her wrists wouldn't put up with it. Nowadays she's out on the rapier field.

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Lewis Abbott

Lewis Abbott, (once known as Conel the Dead) is a friend of the house dating back to about the first time I took up the name de la Flamme, circa 1987.

He fought heavy for a while and loved the great sword. Nowadays he's found on the rapier field. A good friend and a talented artist.

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