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The Squires' Friend: Stainless Steel Foldit Folding Cart

I picked up this stainless steel Fold-It cart at Costco sometime around 1995, just after we bought our first house.  It has also been to every Pennsic since then. Susanna and I took it on the first Quest of the Dragon's Egg and Colin and I took it on the second. It has hauled uncountable bags of ice over 12 years. It comes out to the field for almost every battle, practice and tourney at the war. It won't win any A&S competitions and we hide it behind the arming tent so it doesn't detract from the appearance of camp, but it pulls easier than any period wooden cart and it folds small enough that I can jam it into the back of the truck after everything else is packed. That's a lifesaver, because sometimes I forget it until everything else is already loaded!  I have not been gentle with this cart, but repairs to it have been a matter of replacing blown rivets with heavier bolts.  The current model has black wheels, which I suppose is a little better appearance than the electric blue ones on ours.  Oh yeah, it is also quite handy around the yard at home.  Over the years several people have asked me where I got mine. I know Finn and Elizabeth have one, and I see more and more of them at the war every year. Costco doesn't carry them regularly, but you can buy them now on Amazon for about $200. That's right around what I paid for mine in 1995! Get one this year and you'll still have it to pack into your flying car for Pennsic 48 in 2019.

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Hooray Spring

Cold and wet today and probably for the whole weekend, but there's no denying that spring is here.

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Quest Announcement: Omens of Dread

This is the final draft that got published:
Respectful of the traditions of His ancestors, Prince Valharic has called on an Oracle to speak of His upcoming coronation. Those auguries speak of a glorious reign to come, with great things to begin at the coronation of Valharic and Arielle. Yet they also hint at some darker, alarming event on the heels of that joy:

No doubt in the strength of a chain's bond, those unproven prove the day.

Mars and Vulcan strive, so must the brave as a strong hand's fingers.

Ever mindful of the welfare of Atlantia, Prince Valharic asks that teams of five ("as a strong hand's fingers") stalwarts apply to him and be prepared for a quest into the very realm of the Roman Gods. Teams must include at least one armored combatant and at least one non-combatant and must be captained by a non-peer ("those unproven prove the day"). One peer per team, but you may include a multiple peer. List as many of your five and their titles as you have worked out when you apply to HRH Valharic. Email prince [at] atlantia [dot] sca [dot] org to apply.

Valharic handed out many of these this weekend, and it is also now online a the Atlantian Combat Board and on Armor Archive.

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Thjora and I were very heartened by all the well wishers this weekend at Crown Tourney. Special thanks to Mistress Genevieve and Master Alan who hosted us and the huge group of new folks we brought with us. We had a great time and I think everyone else did too.

I'm going off to practice polearm now.

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Better Now

Mission accomplished.

Dad is now checked in at Parson's Residential Care in Chesapeake, cracking jokes and embarrassing my sister.

Thjora's jaw still hurts, but she's doing reasonably well.

My back is stiff but getting better.

And I just refurbished my old iBook using a screen I got from Naro san. That was a big deal--iBooks are hard to take apart.

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Florida Trip

Tomorrow evening I'm heading to Norfolk. I'll stay at my sister's place and then fly to Ft. Lauderdale early Monday morning. Monday afternoon and Tuesday if necessary I pack up and ship my father's stuff, then Wednesday morning I pack up my dad and bring him back. My sister found a good place to take care of him in Chesapeake, where I'll be visiting him often.

Which, at the very least, means I'll be making many more Tir-y-don and Marinus events.

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I'm going to live forever! The BBC says so!
Seriously, though, if I drank soda, I'd have 20 more pounds on me. Because if I did drink it, I would drink it the way that I drink tea.

Meaning about a quart a day.

Meaning an extra thousand or so calories a day.

So what does that suggest for your diet habits and weight? he said Socratically.

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New Surcoats

I've got black ink under my nails and even after a shower my hands smell of turpentine, but all the block printing is done on the new linen surcoats for Edwin, Evja, Philip, Susan and me. Thjora still has to sew them up, but that won't take much.

Hot Day in the Shop - 1
Man, it was hot out there in the shop yesterday. I had to take a break around 4 and do some cleaning work in the pond to cool off. On the plus side, the heat meant that the oil-based ink dried really fast, unlike back when I tried to make Evja's first surcoat in February and it didn't dry until March. Yesterday, the surcoats sat out on the roof or on a table in the yard. In full sun the surface temps got to 130° F. After a couple of hours of that, they were all but dry.

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Late Night Project

The Household SwordI'm sleepy today because at 10:30 I started serious work on my scabbard. Earlier in the evening I glued all the figures to the wooden liner, then I had to wait for the wood to dry. Then the cased leather needed some rough fitting before skiving down the very top, which will be folded over to give a finished edge. Using clamps to hold it in place, I formed the leather around the figures on the face of the scabbard. Then sewing. That's the part I hate the most. The waxed thread I had must have been defective, because I've never had any length of thread break so many times on me.

That was enough of a pain that I ultimately only did a single running stitch across most of the scabbard. But it is on, it is tight and it should be dry by the time I get home. Then I can go back and finish the back part of the stitching. And it is going to look amazing. I forgot to take a progress pic this morning. Sleepy. Because I finished up at 2 in the morning.

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Lady Leofwynne came to us from Isenfir, but now resides in Caer Mear. Thjora offers her guidance on artistic matters as she pursues her stained glass art.

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