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Laruse, I can feel the pressure: 7 random facts.

I'll try to make these a mix of serious and not. (These are motivated by a request from a friend on Livejournal, for those of you who only read the House De la Flamme website.)

1. I'm lazy. If I worked at it, I'd be the 210 muscular pounds of Arch-Duke Master of the Laurel everybody talks about with a well paying side-job as a prolific game writer and a flourishing Mac consulting business bringing in the main cash.

2. In high school, I thought I'd become a marine biologist after my elementary school dreams of becoming an astronaut were shattered by becoming too tall and sucking too much at math. In college I found out that biology requires math too.

3. I don't respect your religious beliefs. Not anyone personally–I don't respect religious beliefs, period.

4. I have never ever responded to a chain letter regardless of the "pass this on or you'll get syphilis" warnings, and I've lived what most people would think a very lucky life.

5. I'm not superstitious, and I don't believe in fate or destiny either.

6. My tastes in women are very, excuse the pun, broad. I've never understood the guys who only like blondes or only redheads or only big boobs. I like 'em athletic or curvy, tomboyish or coquettish, etc. Of course, I've never dated a redhead, maybe that would have hooked me.

7. If I speak to you directly more often than when I have to, I probably like you. If I don't like you, I will almost never speak more than perfunctorily toward you.

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High Speed Low Drag Update

  • No, I don't plan to buy an iPhone today. But I may go by the Emmet Street AT&T store after work to take some pictures for posting at Different Computers and just to see how strong the demand is. Buying one and returning it would cost $50.
  • At the last minute, I've decided to take off Monday and Tuesday. (Noticing I had 167 hours of annual leave helped with that decision.) I'll be around the house. Stop by if you like. Tentative plans involve emptying the utility room prior to its renovation into a mudroom.
  • Sometime this weekend, there's a chance we might go shooting with Kirk & Cyn.
  • No game on Tuesday, probably not on Monday either. Sunday may be a sewing and armor day.
  • If we don't shoot on Saturday, we might on the 4th, up at Cyn's dad's place. If not, we'll be grilling and lounging and having fun. You're invited. Bring something to grill, lounge on or have fun with, like a copy of Twilight Princess.
  • I have begun the "Wii workout routine." That required buying a Wii. It's a good workout, especially since it seems to be one that I'll do regularly. So regularly that it amuses Thjora. I've been sore every day since I bought it.

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Doubled-Down on Boredom, with a Side of Aggravation

In an effort to avoid boredom that would require too much of a technical explanation, I walked over to Cavalier Computers a few minutes ago to get a Macbook-to-component video adapter.

Wandering from where they used to be long ago to where they were last, I noticed where they are now just as I heard the front desk guy say something over the phone about a Wii--at the very moment that I notice a new-in-box Wii sitting with the video adapters.

Forty-five seconds before I could pick it up myself, the guy on the phone got the last one in stock! Arrrgh!

Now I'm first on the list for the next one in, but that could be three weeks. The one I saw today was part of a "surprise" shipment. I didn't even know they carried Nintendo stuff at Cavalier, which I think of as the place to go for work-related computer stuff. They handle 90% of our computer purchases for the lab.

And no, they didn't have the video adapter I needed either.

In other news, Thjora just called to say that we got our building permits and she has just spent $6000+ on three glass doors for the great room and the kitchen.

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Gonna be Bored for the Next 40 Hours

Thjora's heading to Jen & Alan's for woodworking, there's exactly nothing on TV tonight and the recently arrived Netflix are all English costume dramas starring Emma Thompson.

Philip's probably heading to Marinus Baronial Birthday, but I've decided to give it a pass so I can get some yard work done tomorrow.

So if anyone wants to hang out tonight or tomorrow at my place or elsewhere, I'm up for it. I won't make you work on my yard.

There's a small chance Lewis and I will go plinking sometime Saturday, but we don't know where yet.

Sunday is the monthly shire/canton get-together, with armoring, weapon throwing and a possible fight practice in the offing. No idea who's cooking this time, but it has been good every time so far.

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Rich & Genie's Wedding

607anniversary 057
Originally uploaded by jenthies

Doesn't my hair look fabulous?

I know this picture may disorient--because it's a picture by Jen where I'm actually awake!

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Fleabitten and Bruised

Sapphire was lovely, but a little odd. Being there without Thjora was strange and the physical layout of the event meant that I didn't hang out with the regular crew. Which was nice, in a way, as I often miss time spent with the Smiths and the Ruttles.

Did anyone else come home with flea bites? Maybe it was just me, over in my corner of the field, or from wading through the tall grass to get to an electrical outlet for my aerobed.  Or maybe fleas are attracted to pale white Irish legs in shorts.

Thanks to Bob and Bonnie and HRM Valharic, I got a nice place to camp in Royal and even got in on the royal meal plan.

I'm very curious how hot it got on Saturday, because it didn't feel all that hot, but it sure tired lots of people out.  In the first pool of the tourney I went undefeated, even nearly single-shotting Sir Brian who is usually a tough fight for me. While I only threw two blows, I think I took about 30 tiny steps, a fact I must remember for future fights.

Second pool didn't go as well, with me going 4-3, losing to Felix, Rousel and Kael. Glad I'm starting to work out! Gotta keep those young whippersnappers off my lawn down!

The round-robin style fighting gave me enough time in armor to show that I need to adjust the cuff on my new vambrace, because it chafes my wrist raw in one spot.  Sunday was cooler and I felt fine, but after an aggressive start against Kael in my first fight I lost some steam. I ended up losing to him and then lost my arm to Philip in the second round. While going out in two would usually upset me, I found myself strangely ambivalent about it, and I don't think it was just because my real record for the weekend was 12-5.

I headed out well before all the fun was over on Sunday, getting home around 4:30. That was probably good because I think if I had waited much longer, I would have ended up falling asleep while driving.  Now Thjora's back (yay!) and prep for University begins in earnest. My class is more or less full, and Richard and I are discussing how to present it. The limit of 10 is for armored combatants--if others want to watch, they're welcome.

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More or Less Recovered, -2%

I seem to finally be over having been sick for most of the past week. Yesterday I had the recently novel experience of hunger for the first time since last Friday or there about. I had a weird lowest-of-low-grade nausea and other GI issues better left unmentioned--never terrible ones, but taking longer to get over than I expected if it had been a bug or food poisoning.

Finally, on the morning where I was about to go to the doctor for it, it cleared up. Yay.

There's a good chance the culprit was a rice bran oil supplement providing Coenzyme Q10, good for muscle function but apparently bad for my GI tract. I'm loathe to take another one just to see if the symptoms come back!

So, I've been off my workout schedule and didn't armor up at the Ponte Alto practice, but I also lost 5 pounds in as many days. That puts me back at 195, the weight that I considered my "default" weight for many years but had not gotten back down to for the past year or so.

Now to put those 5 back on in a different place! Toward that end, ten days or so ago I bought a medicine ball and started working with it. Some of the stuff I'm trying ends up leaving me sore in almost the same way that a full day of fighting does, so that's a good sign that it is the right kind of workout. I got a curling bar too, to keep from messing up my elbows doing curls.

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Corby and Thjora 1989

Corby and Thjora 1989

Corby and Thjora 1989,
originally uploaded by an iconoclast.

Photo by "Mandin" (Robert Reed) taken in AS 24 at Novice Tourney in Storvik. This would have been my third Novice Tourney. It was very very hot.

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Carbon Leaf Show and Crown

Last night's Carbon Leaf show at Starr Hill was awesome. We saw them in November and this show was better. The band seemed more relaxed and to just be having a great time playing. We also had the lovely company of Vic and Harv, though Kirk & Cyn had to bow out at the last minute.

I'm always impressed by bands who play around with their songs, who don't just try their best to duplicate the "perfect" studio version that came out on their album. (That's one reason I love They Might Be Giants too.) Carbon Leaf plays around like this as well.

For example: Like every venue, the background music was running before the band came out. It was indistinguishable from the sound of conversation. Then the smoke machine started up and the band's speakers started cranking out a clearly discernible recording of The Decemberists' The Crane Wife. Out wanders the band, who start very casually putting on instruments and acting like they're very nonchalantly tuning up. The lead guitar starts playing a note here and there that just happens to match the key and chords of The Crane Wife. Before most of the audience realized it, he was playing–not so much along with but in to the piped in music. Changing the melody away from the Decembrists. Other band members slowly added in, and seamlessly, right as the singer hops on stage, The Crane Wife is no longer the song, it is now a Carbon Leaf Standard called What are the Odds. Amazing.

And what does this have to do with Crown? Lyrics of the song kept me thinking about Crown all night. Examples later. For now I'll just say that speed metal is not motivational music for me–give me a strong melody and moving lyrics any day.

"You've come far and
though you're far from the end
You don't mind where you are
'Cause you know where you've been."

That was just playing. There are better examples coming. Or go check out Carbon Leaf yourself. Echo Echo is probably the best intro to them, but Meander is good and Indian Summer and Love Loss Hope Repeat are great.

They Might Be Giants May 8th! Be there! They're promoting a new album so you'll get to hear new stuff. Makes your brain work.

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Black Diamond Fight Practice 1983

Thjora got a bunch of old pictures from her parents this week.

This is one of them.

I think I vaguely recognize the guy standing to the right of Thjora, but I don't know his name. Everyone else besides Ish and Karl is either too blurry or in shadow.

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