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Much Gnashing of Teeth Saved

Turns out our decision for me to not fight in this weekend's crown tourney was filled with unintentional foresight.

Last Sunday morning, while trying to grab Max's collar, my fingers "popped" off of the collar and I felt something also pop in my hand. Apparently I've pulled a muscle and it is usually not a problem but infrequently quite painful.

One way to make it hurt like hell is to...try throwing a sword blow.

So, just as well. It doesn't seem to be getting better in any sort of hurry.

Go Jason. Go Gunther. Go Ansel!

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Really Moving Now

In two hard days, Philip and Thjora have gotten all the roof trusses and the rear roof extension in place. Amazing.

Garage with partial roof

Today, weather permitting, the sheathing and tar paper go on.
Great hard work by the two of them! Very exciting.

More pics here.

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Down on the Floor!

concrete chute We have a garage floor! More pics here. I was home and able to take pics because I've been sick for several days with a head cold. Back at work today, but still not well. If not for cough syrup, I would still be at home. As it was, I missed practice last night, which was a real shame because it sounded like a good turnout. Thjora saw a few faces who haven't been there in a long time, and Aethelwolf came down too.

Theoretically, we'll have a roof by next week. That would be awesome. With an upcoming gravel delivery, we should be able to get the dust situation under control too. Yay.

In other news, after perusing the University course listings, I think I'll skip heading down to Amelia tomorrow. The closest thing to a class I want to take is "Fencing with the Free Scholars." I think I can miss that.

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Wedding & Medusa Pics

Kymber & Dave ToastingWhat? You say you've seen a million wedding pics and don't need to look at these? Oh, believe me, there are reasons you want to check these out. Go ahead, you know you want to. Click here for the pics.

Aside the picture taking, it was a fun weekend all around. I even managed to catch up on some sleep. And today, after an inspection, the footers for the garage get poured!

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So How Come it Takes a Week Just to Get a Concrete Guy to My House?

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Demolition Pics

Img 3703.Jpg?Derivative=Medium&Source=Web
Most of my pics are similar to Theodora's, but I've posted a few good ones at this link.

Thanks again to everyone who helped so much with fireplace removal, door installation, roof stripping, brick smashing, hauling, bulldozing, cleaning and cooking and making mojitos.

Seems like everyone had a great time, and soon our house will be even more awesome for parties!

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What Carport?

Carport Destruction
Almost gone.
Originally uploaded by theodoradelamore.
An astonishingly productive weekend. Thjora has all the details on her LiveJournal.
Thanks to Theo and Gen for pics, posted or soon to be. Same for mine. I took far fewer, but will get them online Tuesday.

Our most heartfelt thanks to everyone who helped. We quite literally could never have done it without the help of all our dear friends.

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Carport Transformers!

Img 3638.Jpg?Derivative=Medium&Source=Web We've started.

With a piece of equipment this big, I have no doubt we'll get all the major demolition accomplished.

Lucky people get to play with the bulldozer this weekend.

And considering the amount of earth we have to move, we'll also be going quite a ways toward the construction of Fort Redclay.

More pics here.

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Labor Day Demolition Party

All Labor Day weekend, starting Friday night through Monday afternoon, Kirsten and I are hosting a Demolition Party. We've begun some significant renovation of the house, swapping doors, tearing out brick, changing some plumbing, but there's still one really major project to kick off: the replacement of our carport with a real garage. This involves the complete dismantling of the current carport, because its bizarre construction method is unsuitable for the garage we intend. Also, there's some significant excavation planned, as we're going to change the way the driveway will come into the new garage. So there will be some heavy equipment on site for use that weekend. I imagine bulldozer driver will be a popular occupation that weekend!

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Renovation Action!

2759194 871F86227DYES, we have actually begun! This is the new doorway to the new mudroom from the new garage. Philip and Thjora already have the new door installed, and today they're breaking through from the mudroom to the laundry room.
Unfortunately, installing the french doors in the great room has to wait until after Pennsic. But we're going to have a hell of a demolition party on Labor Day weekend! Heavy equipment, shingle pulling, roof tearing, all sorts of fun.

More pics at
Because I'm too cheap to get a Flickr pro account.

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