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Opinions on New Helm Design, Please

The amazing Caleb is making me a new flat top. Since the face will be water jet cut, almost anything is possible. I'm considering the possibly outré option of using my badge shape for the breaths. Two options below. Your opinions please?

The large badge would probably be on both sides. In either case, there will be breaths on both sides.

These are approximate, of course. The new helm will have more nose room, for example. And not be photoshopped, for another.

I completely ignored Skorri's copyright on these pics. I hope he doesn't sue.

This is the approximate shape, which may be hard to see in the 'shop jobs above.

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Saturday Demolition Time Lapse

Here's a link to an 11+ Mb time lapse quicktime movie of Saturday's fun.
Those at work: there is a soundtrack. Turn your speakers down. Not recommended for you six poor bastards stuck on dial up due to lobbying efforts by the telecom industry that hamstring our nation's ability to compete in high tech development.

Thanks again to everyone who came out to help!

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Second Annual Labor Day Labor Party

As we did last year, we are once again hosting a big work and fun party at our place over Labor Day weekend. This year our plan is to tear off the front porch roof, then the front porch. Daring types are welcome to help us remove the false chimney that sat atop the fireplace Vlad and company took out last year.

Thjora is convinced there won't be enough work, so this is definitely the year to attend, because there will be as much food and beer and wine as last year, so the work to fun ratio may be much much higher.

Drop us a line if you'd like to come, even if you don't plan to work. But the faster the work goes, the more likely a fight practice (of all flavors) will break out on Sunday!

Last year was pretty epic, with a house full of people over night, and Val attacking our broken concrete like it had done him wrong. First come, first serve for private rooms, but everyone gets blueberry pancakes!

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Girard le Bourguignon

Girard joined the household at Tournament of Chivalry in the spring of 2008, after discussing and training with Corby since Pennsic 2007. He resides in Windmaster's Hill and fights sword and shield and polearm primarily.

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War Standards

We had an awesome, fun weekend getting many new war standards and poles underway. We got much much more than I expected done. Roland, Alan, Corby, Aedan, and I forget who else got well underway on standards and Helmut and Kymber made some smaller gonfalons or whatever they're called.
Seems reasonable to believe that we'll have seven or more 12x4 foot war standards 28 feet above the Vair and Ermine camp this year. It should look spectacular. And cast some shade!
We also consumed vast quantities, I finished Helmut's half gauntlet, repaired some of my gear, planted the huge weglia and some lemon balm Theo brought down for me and generally had a great time.
Thanks to all the helpers and guests who made the weekend fun and easy.
Oh, and on the web album I've put up, I'm experimentally enabling picture uploading if you have any pics from this weekend you want to add.

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What I'm Reading and Want to Read

This started out as a comment on Clare's LJ, but then I realized it would be worth noting here.

Currently reading:

"Who Really Runs The World?: The War Between Globalization and Democracy" (Thom Burnett, Alex Games)
After that, I'd like to chew through this, which came highly recommended by stringmonkey:

"Legacy of Ashes: The History of the CIA" (Tim Weiner)
And for fun, sometime this summer I'd like to finally get around to this, which I have somehow missed all these years. Apparently it is a fundamental part of my SF education:

"Ender's Game" (Orson Scott Card)

What are you reading? What do you want to read this summer?

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Because some folks asked, the Cog

The Embattled Ring of the Bay Company, a much more pleasant name than "Central Region."

It could be better, but this works.

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Holiday Faire Pics are Up!

Come see pictures from Master Kit's Free Scholar Prize. The day was the most fun I recall having at a non-fighting (for me) event in quite a while. Quite a turn out from the rapier community, and a well played prize by Kit.

A bit of shopping, visiting with old friends, and Thanksgiving planning rounded out the day. Oh, and Roland & Helmut went to the store and bought enough steak to feed a chivalry meeting. Also, tremendous entertainment watching Kymber's 4 pound cat completely confuse and terrorize our two 50+ pound dogs.

Thanks to everyone, especially Kymber & Helmut, who let us crash there on short notice.

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How was Your Weekend?

Do anything fun around the house? Maybe a little home improvement project?

(Moved below the break for complaints about audio.)

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Farm House Demolition

Pictures are up

like Giacomo on a chimney, movie to follow.

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