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Here's the new goal.

It won't interfere with the coronation ceremony, but is a wide ranging problem needing to be solved by and for the whole kingdom.

Mars takes away all the swords and shields of all the knights! "Such tools as are sworn to you, I take away in my displeasure" or some such.

Perhaps Juno takes impliments of art too.

That way, the knights on the quest would, at least, be using weapons and shields they aren't used to, putting the unbelts in the fore.

Imagine the final station, with a huge pile of knight's swords and shields as the prize. Quite a visual!

No idea how to get the pelicans into this! We can't really take away their laptops. Update: Jonathan suggests the pelicans sacrifice shoes, which seems pretty good to me. And Isobel suggested covering notable works of art with grey-dyed cheesecloth to make it look dull and dusty.
What do you think?

Update: The WINNERS of the quest are the team that gets past Mars and convinces Venus to return to Vulcan. At Vulcan's Forge, Vulcan thanks them for returning peace to the heavens and gives them a manifestation of the Gods blessing on the kingdom.

Any teams that pass Mars after that get to the pile of shields and weapons, and are told they may take "as many as they can carry."

An example that isn't right:I had suggested to Val that at the end of the coronation, retainers discover that the Mantles of Sovereignty are missing, depriving the crowns of the symbolic embrace of the populace. So the questers must find it and return it to Their Majesties. This particular example doesn't work for a variety of reasons, but something like it would be great.

It needs to be something symbolic and important but not so symbolic and important that the coronation ceremony will seem incomplete without it!

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How about letting Eris, the goddess of Discord, take the symbolic whatsit (banner, sword of state, etc.) and the other gods help the questers get it back, after they prove themselves worthy through a series of tests?

I like it. Sir Axel did an

I like it.

Sir Axel did an event a couple years ago with lots of games for all to participate. The croquet game counted for as many points as the Heavy Tourney. ;-)

At one point, some of us were answering riddles and doing 'bar puzzles' so that the Heavy Fighters could have their shields to fight with. It was a kick to see Logan waiting patiently and cheering on his team of newbies and A&S folks to win his shield for him. :-)

I wouldn't use the sword of state, too blasphemous, imo. What about the Atlantian Banner, to be presented to TRMs at Court, and that act being suitably rewarded by them....

You could work in that the swords and shields were rescued at the same time as the banner, and have the Knights come and claim their property, while thanking the nonpeer-led team.

Susanna Schweissguth

Have the pelicans that are

Have the pelicans that are competing bring a pair of shoes to "Surrender" to Hera.

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Would they not have to Quest without use of their hands? Or perhaps they cannot speak but may only write?

Seems you should take away something they value and which hampers them...their ability to do the work themselves or to communicate toward achieving the goal.