The Gentle Art of Fence

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Not light.

Here's my favorite shot from the fencing practice at Geoffry & Grace's on Thomas' birthday this past Sunday.

Ah, the delicate and oh so refined art of driving a dagger completely through the head of your opponent.

Thanks to everyone who came out for dinner on Saturday, and the generally fun time we all had all weekend long--my having to work on Saturday notwithstanding. A nice dinner, and great blueberry pancakes for brunch on Sunday. Even the dogs took it pretty easy, not requiring excessive amounts of refereeing.

I've got some interesting action shots of most of the fencing (though none of them are as exciting as this picture to the right) and I'll post them as soon as I get around to coding them up.

And on that topic, I understand Philip has some pictures from Pennsic that he's going to let me post.

Look for those next week.

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Gentle dagger work

All I can say in my own defense is...COOL I can actually hit somebody when I need too.


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More birthday pics

More pics are now online at this ugly link because I'm too lazy to recode all these pics for inclusion directly on this site.