Five Rivers of the Underworld

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I'd like to find a way to test the questers here, without necessarily having to have a person at the station.

One test is to have the waters labeled with their proper name only, so that the questers have to know what they're getting.

Another would be to make them fish around by hand in a huge container of ice water, which hurts a lot to be bare-handed fishing through. The trick there is making something they can't just tip over to empty out!

This could be one big container with all 5 bottles of water in it or five smaller (but still substantial) ones.

To make a team hesitant about trying to fish out more than one, a single bottle in there could be labeled "Death." and kills the person who finds it.

The five rivers of Hades are:

  • Acheron (the river of sorrow) Blue gatorade makes the drinker sad
  • Cocytus (lamentation) Green gatorade makes the drinker lament his sins
  • Phlegethon (fire) Orange gatorade kills mortals and "knocks out" immortals
  • Lethe (forgetfulness) purple gatorade makes the drinker forget
  • Styx (hate) The Styx forms the boundary between upper and lower worlds. Red Gatorade makes the drinker berserk

The questers can take this water to Venus or Mars to change their behavior.

The only thing I can think of to do this is a kiddy wading pool, covered in black fabric, filled with ice, water and food coloring. Then we make the jugs of water small, like perfume bottles or single shot booze bottles.

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I'd label the bottles with

I'd label the bottles with just the names of the rivers - Koolaid might be cheaper than gatorade. Put a cloth cover over the pool to make people more blind to it?

Are you going to have just one set of the waters? Or multiples of red, purple, etc.