Fates Station

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Each team will be given 1 yard, 36" of handspun wool yarn. At the end of each successful quest, 3" (one fingerlength) will be cut off, shortening their "life." In the early quests, Clotho, will approach each team with several spindles and wool roving, offer to spin more length onto their yarn, or to teach a team member how to spin, using their yarn. (The team doesn"t know that this represents their life, yet. In the middle quests, Lachesis will approach each team and measure their yarn, and ask for a gift from them. If they comply, she will splice on a 6" or 12" length of handspun (no knots will be used). Toward the last quests, Atropos will approach each team. Depending of gifts, whim or entreaties, she will draw out her shears and cut off a lot or a little of their remaining yarn. She will give each of them a card, suggesting that if they think they might run out of yarn (life), they could offer a sacrifice to Lachesis to add some length to their yarn. (A handwoven bookmark is the only acceptable sacrifice‚ see Athena). 

Additional Fates

A Matching game of wool, silk, cotton and flax shown as raw material, roving (prepared for spinning), spun thread/yarn, woven cloth. Each team would need to put all of the processes for each fiber in it"s proper space and order of production.  We could do some quizzes with animal/mineral/vegetable questions, matching the plant/animal picture with the fiber, etc. There could be maps where an area is designated to show which fiber comes from which areas.  This station could be decorated with lots of spiders, looms, spindles, spinning wheels, combs, and cards. (I've got a ton of these, so do other local people)