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Caer Mear Practice Tomorrow!

Duke Stephen of Bellatrix will be at Caer Mear practice tomorrow. I'm going too! It's always great to see old friends and hit them with sticks.

I'll be staying over in Richmond, so I can't offer a ride. But if you need one, maybe I can find one for you.

I hope Aradd makes it up too, and remembers to bring my Keene sandals, which the two of us have been forgetting about for over a year now.

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Practice tonight down in the Dell

Come on out in the daylight and enjoy the warming temperatures!

With construction going on where we normally practice, we'll be down the hill a little bit. But you can still park where you normally do for Dells practice.

Summer in the Park this weekend!


I know there have been a TON of events recently but I would like to remind our members of the chivalry and esp. our unbelted fighters about the Summer in the Park event this weekend. 

This is a great chance to work on your fighting training and get to work with knights that you normally don't get to see. 

So call your buddies, grab your knight, and jump in the car for the day. It's only about 2 hours west of Richmond proper and is FREE EVENT with a suggested donation. 

Lots and lots and lots of fighting, training, focused work, discussion and teaching. 

Please consider coming out.  

Sir Bryce de Byram,OL,OP (Duane M. Moore) 

* Non Sola Fides *

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Triangle Demo Tomorrow. Don't forget!

Come on out to the Triangle at the UVa Corner tomorrow, 11-4 or so for our annual demo.

Lots of enthusiasm this year from new students, and a good strong core of returning students too.

Static displays, crafts demos, and armored combat. (We're short a marshal, so no rapier.)

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Attending Lochmere Baronial Birthday this weekend

In case anyone's plans would change based on mine, I'm attending Lochmere's Baronial Birthday this weekend.


It's very hard for me to resist a Masters of Defense style tourney. Last year's weather threatened all day, but actually held off. Results were a small list of people who had a great time, but no rain. Oh, and last year, I won the sword and shield, polearm, greatsword, two sword and spear lists.

This year the weather is threatening again, but I'm still going to be there Saturday morning unless it is raining tomcats and hoe handles.

Staying on site Saturday night in the bunkhouse unless someone has a better offer.

Anything going on up that way on Sunday?

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March Fourth Sunday

Here we go again.

Last month was great, with 13 people from all over in armor.
Joscelyn & Kelby
This month is the day after Defending the Gate and a week after Gulf Wars, so maybe it won't be as well attended. However, I expect much better UVa student attendance since it is not immediately before spring break like last month was.
However, there is a chance of rain, which would mean no fighting, maybe just slow work in the garage. But barring that, Joscelyn, Shoprat and maybe some other guys are planning to come down.
Everyone is invited! 1-6 PM. I hear rumors of grilled satay for food.
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Here Comes a Big Fourth Sunday

Weather permitting, next Sunday 2/28th's get together here looks to be much bigger than normal for armored combat. Joscelyn says he's bringing 3-4 blackspear guys down with him, for example.

So, DON'T MISS OUT! Come on over. We start around 1, but there MIGHT be some people here earlier than that.

Local new guys, this is a great chance to see a wide variety of gear and different fighting styles.

If the weather sucks, we'll punt and work on technique or gear or something in the garage and shop.

Food goes on around 4-5, people usually clear out around 6, but that's flexible. It's a pot luck, bring any damn thing you want, from coke products to ice cream cakes or veggie platters. Don't count on having lots of cooking access, as someone local usually does a big main dish production that takes up the stove.

If you're coming down 29/15/20 whatever, NEVER speed near any of the small towns of Orange, Gordonsville, etc. Ask Sean.

More the merrier! Hope to see you there.

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Lochmere Baronial Birthday Figuring-Outing

I'm off to Baronial Birthday this coming weekend. At the moment, everything is up in the air. I don't get out to Annapolis that often, so don't really have the same sorts of easy local crash spots on my regular call list as I do for other places.

Here's what I don't know yet:
  1. If Kit is going.
  2. If Philip is going.
  3. When I would leave.
  4. If we'll need a dog/house sitter.
  5. Whether I would stay over somewhere Friday or Saturday.
  6. Where I would stay if I stayed over.
  7. Whether I'll be on board.
Just a couple of details! All I really know at this point is that I will attend the event and plan to fight and attend Her Majesty. Oh and it is a 3 hour trip from my place without traffic: I know I'm not day tripping from home.
Hmmm, there are cheap cabins. Those might do.
If anyone else has thoughts or ideas about any of the undecided things, I'm listening.
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Team for Chalice of the Sun God

Anyone interested in coming up with a team for Chalice of the Sun God this weekend? 

Here's what's required:
Teams must field a single participant in at least 4 of the 5 Chalice disciplines (Bardic, Artisan, Heavy, Rapier, Archery). In addition to the adult categories, each team may include one youth combat, and/or one youth archer, and/or one youth rapier fighter. A bonus point per youth combat, youth rapier, and/or youth archer will be awarded to teams who include them (one point per youth). No team shall feature more than three youth combatants, one rapier, one archer, one armored. If the youth wins the title of Chalice Youth Armored Champion, Chalice Youth Archer, or Chalice Youth Rapier Champion, an additional bonus point will be awarded to the team. Each participant shall receive points based on participation and performance. The team with the highest score shall win the Chalice of the Sun God. To register a team, contact the Autocrat. You must include the names of your team members, their disciplines, and the team name.
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Update for Next Week: Coronation, Thursday Practice, Triangle Demo

Just a quick heads up about the coming busy week.

Thursday is the first practice of the school year, a great chance to catch the eye of new and returning students. At the Dells, as ever, weather permitting. Otherwise we're at the parking deck at Scott Stadium.
We're attending Coronation on Saturday. And I haven't mentioned this yet, but HRH Kalisa has asked me to be her Champion, so I'll be busier during this reign than I have been recently.
Then Sunday we have the Isenfir Triangle Demo, where we pull out the stops to catch the students we have attracted with Monday's Student Activity Fair and Thursday's practice. Please come out if you can!
Other events I'll be at in the next few months are listed on the calendar link.

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