DA Does Corby

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Nearly a waste of wine

I laughed so hard that if I had been sipping my wine a moment earlier, it would have come out my nose.

This topic might finally tempt me into signing into the archive.

And I think I'll have to present that great sword to the Dark Apprentice. Once he finishes his armor. And comes to Pennsic. Good thing I know how powerful his martial art is, since I otherwise probably couldn't keep my hands off his girlfriend.

But metal just makes me mad. Give me Carbon Leaf's The Boxer to get me in the mood for some BOOM YOW.

Que Les Mauvais Soient Dévoré de la Flamme

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Oh, one more thing.

Check that link again Sir, yo

Check that link again Sir, you have your own enegry drink now!

Sir Bryce de Byram, OL