Cyclops: Sir Aradd and 9 "kids"

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Cyclops is a Giant, far too tough to be killed or injured by mortals.

But they can blind him with a face thrust.

Cyclops can talk, lie, bully, whatever he wants. He's not a god, so the questers can disobey him.

If the questers manage to blind him, he begs for two things:

That they only take one goat

That they give him some of his healing potion so he can see again.

If the questers agree to both these things, he gives them some of the healing draught, which can restore a wound or prevent one "death".

Aradd is our Cyclops. He will make his own polearm club and costume himself.

We need at least 9 sets of goat horns for his goats and any other goat costuming people can come up with for the kids. 

We also need 9 kids, at least 12 years old to play these roles.  Iohanna is making their ritual leashes.

Here's our list of "Kids" at the moment.

  1. Sam (Philip's daughter) a red goat
  2. Leo (Philip's son) a black goat
  3. Diane (Axel's daughter)
  4. Christine (Anne's daughter)
  5. John (Christine's "beau")

So obviously we're still short several.

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Kids = Pages?

Perhaps the Pages' Academy can provide the "kids" for the day?

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A fine idea for pages academy

Who would like to contact them? We need 9 kids.

I'll rely on those with more understanding of child development to set the minimum age.

Que Les Mauvais Soient Dévoré de la Flamme

On the kids, I'd ask Livia

On the kids, I'd ask Livia and Tash who have several lovely, well behaved children and could probaby recommend minimum age, etc. If you're lucky, you might rope their kids into helping.

Aren't you going to need different colored 'kids'?

By the way, Ulysses stole some of the Cyclop's sheep when he and his men escaped Polyphemus's cave.
There is a minor myth about Acis (son of a faun and a naiad) falling in love with Galatea - but Polyphemus was in love with Galatea, so he chased Acis off a cliff and Acis ended up being transformed into a river as a mercy rather than dying.

Pages are younger

I believe our pages are up to about 12.

Christie is coming though (16) with her nice, quiet, charming boyfried, John. :-)

Let me know if they would be helpful somewhere. They hoped to join a team but if this is all by invitation/preset...

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Teams are NOT all by invitation or preset

ANYONE can form a team, then present it to HRM.

It would be COOL if one or both of them formed a team! Rather than waiting to be asked by an armored fighter, they can go ask one!

Stuffed sheep?


Once in Texas at a SCA event called Highland Games they had "sheep ball". The took a sack stuffed with clothes, sewed on four tubes stuffed with clothes and a smaller sack stuffed with clothes.

And it was a "sheep".

With an Army duffle bag, laundry bag and four socks you can make something similar (even though they are green). I can try and make one and post a picture if you like.


the trojan sheep

Ulysses didn't just steal the sheep - the blinded cyclops remained at the entrance to his cave, blocking the exit. When the cyclops touched exiting sheep to make sure they weren't nasty men trying to sneak away, Ulysses and the boys hid between or under them and snuck out. If a team picks up and hides behind/among the sheep, can they sneak past? The heroic tales value guile and cunning quite often... not as much/often as raw violence, but still...

Supero stupor mundi

Stop the insanity

Simple is better. Cyclops guards the kids. You get a kid by stunning cyclops (hit in the head) or otherwise distracting him so you can steal one. No questers in sheep's clothing. Simple. Please. We NEED to consider scope creep and keep it focused.

Pardon my frustration...