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I think the first thing we need to do is know who is working on the event quest-wise, and what is their skill set. Obviously I'm in as a worker and thinker. I'm an engineer by trade and have an adiquate shop in my garage for carpentry and metal fab.
The next is to assign stations to individuals. So far I seem to be the only one with a station assigned, though Susanna is well versed in (presumed to be heading) the three fates.
Next I propose any quests we cant get assigned/volunteers for gets dropped. I will volunteer for the Golden Fleece and the Atlas quest as they are suited to my skills. This places me with Minotaur, Golden Fleece and Atlas. I can also contribute to thinking up riddles/puzzles or minor-challange materials, but can not commit to much more and still maintain other responsibilities.

I perceive my goals per these stations to be 1) build a tagle top maze, craft a minotaur head, a hydra head or 4 depending on if we use one fight or one per head. Rig up a period anti-theft device foe a fleece, supply a fleece. completely structure the Atlas task. how does everyone feel about sand bag(s) in place of water, otherwise we may need several back ups in case of snagging on armor or garb. I will also need to come up with an alternate option should the weight transport fail.

Do we have a costume designer involved?


I am willing, indeed, to

I am willing, indeed, to head up the Fates. Say the word and I'll get 2 more spinners signed up.

I hesitate to volunteer for any more prep work, because I'm worried the banners will keep me swamped until the day before coronation.

But we've got costumers... Jessamyn, Jeanmaire, Sine, Louise. With marching orders and some funding help, they could probably start designing, fitting and sewing next week, after we get things nailed down at KASF.

I'm a good thinker and logistics person, but my knowledge of mythology is fuzzy. I'd have to ask Luke. ;-)


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I've just contacted one costumer that Val said he had already spoken with. Hopefully we'll hear from her tonight.Que Les Mauvais Soient Dévoré de la Flamme

oodles of Roman research ...

No shocker, I'm sure: I have tons of sources for Roman clothing and such -- ping me if you have a specific design / motif / etc. and I'll dig through stuff. Also have some things that potentially could be used for props, depending on context.

I'll be at KASF this weekend -- anything in particular you're needing, source-wise?

(( Just saw this thread and logged in, btw -- new job has eaten my brain! Sorry I haven't jumped in sooner! ))

-Iohanna ( Siobhan )

Can we decide on the number of teams to be alotted for?

If we need to supply props based on the number of teams (coins and such) can we get a decision on how many teams we'll allow? I would presume this to be a HRH decision.


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Nine is the number of teams

Frankly, I have spoken with HRH about 9 teams potentially being too many.

I have not yet told him that we simply can't do it. If we hit a major snag, I'll have to.

Val is not announcing how many teams he'll take, so he can always accept fewer than 9 if he thinks that's the right thing to do based on feedback from us or the quality of the submissions.

But we need to plan for 9, hence the 9 initial stations.

Que Les Mauvais Soient Dévoré de la Flamme

If it's not a hardship, plan

If it's not a hardship, plan for 9 initial stations and if there are fewer teams it's not the end of the world.

What the world needs is a good ELE. - Jonathan Blackbow


I can get a hold of rubber snakes and other fake creepy crawlies.
Off the top of my head, I have the following:
human skull (plastic but realistic)
two cauldrons (one small bowl sized, one large punch bowl sized)
One 3 foot tall skeleton in a gibbet.
Raven. (normally pecking at the skeleton in the gibbet, but can be attached anywhere)
mail haueberk (blackend, should fit most people)
My roman costume (helmet/lorica/greaves/gladius/dagger/belt/pilum)
I also have a wholesale deal with Deepeeka's North American warehouse, which is ten minutes from where I live.
Let me know if there is anything people would like, and I can check prices and instock availability.

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Deepeka gear

Connor, do we really have to buy 10-25 each of whatever they're offering?

What are the prices like?

Nope, My wife is on her way

My wife is on her way to the ware house this afternoon to pick up 1 helm, 1 lorica, etc.
The bulk order requirements are for shipping reasons. I am exempt from that, because I just go and pick the stuff up. Also handy for QA of items. The down side is that I do not get a bulk rate.
The prices are normally a little lower then what you see on ebay, depending on the vendor of course.
For example this dagger is roughly $60 for me but $80 - $90 on ebay.

I will have to look at the price sheet at home for more accurate quotes.

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Pretty good prices

I don't know what we might want for props, but I'll bet some of this stuff is attractive to HRH Valharic as potential prizes.

This is really neat!


This is really neat! Watching how a high-end event is put together is really a treat for me. It's sort of like watching the "behind-the-scenes" for Hollywood. I'm learning a lot.

Keep up the wonderful work! Wish I could do more.


Is anyone going to videotape the event?


I'd love to see video or pictures of the event when it happens. It's a neat glimpse behind the scences of an event, and it would be great to see the final product in action.


Have Fun! Take Pictures! Tell Stories!


It's been great fun watching this being planned. Please post pictures, video or stories when you're done. I'd love to hear how this turns out.


My outfit for the weekend

Well I did a dress rehearsal last night and this is essentially what I will be wearing as a marshal.

So how did it go?


It's Sunday afternoon here in Kuwait, and a sandstorm is coming through.

It's Sunday morning at the coronation. I'm guessing that there may be some who are slightly hung over and enjoying sleeping in given the wonderfully chilly weather.

Any stories?

Any pictures?

Any comments?

Any video?


Hope you all had a great time!


PS: I'd love to hear anything. That was an amazing amount of work to put this show on, and it was a joy to watch it happen.

a report from the Bacchanalia

Balynar and Adam and I had a good time at our Bacchanalia -- we were visited by seven of the nine teams, and got most participants to do any number of fun and interesting things. There were team members who were required to carry a raw egg (in the shell) on a spoon down a long hill to the lake to 'fertilize' it by dipping it in the 'waters of life'. Some had to tell bawdy jokes and funny stories, some had to dance and sing (we got an interesting rendition from the Spamalot musical), there were grape-catching contests, egg-tossing and juggling shows, and one team even brought bribes for Bacchus of grapes and a small game! The major drawback was that is was UNGODLY cold. There was snow Friday night, and I swear the windchill must have been near 30 or less all day Saturday. But it was sunny and clear, and had it been about 60-65 degrees, it would have been perfect. I'll send pix to Corby as soon as I can get them off my camera. Oh, and congratulations to Corby, who was given the King's Award of Excellence for his efforts on this! Yay!


Sounds like everything went well! I wish I was cold...

Glad everyone had a good time!


a few pictures

I took a few pictures once I got picked as the first Naiad to accompany a team (Led by Lady Ysane, also consisting of Master Callistus, Baroness Adriana, Lady Lyneya and Baron James) on quest. You can see them here:

I saw the lock put to good use on the stables guarded by the fauns. The team I followed went to the Temple of Mercury, through Charon onto Pluto, the Bacchanalia, the Stables, Pandora's box, the field to Vulcan, Mars and an attempt at Venus, directed by Minerva up to the Hydra, then onto the Cyclops through the Minotaur. Alas they were too late to sacrifice their goat to Mars and another team won.

Update: You can read their tale of the quest here:

An Entire Story

Here ya go. With pix and everything. -JB

What the world needs is a good ELE. - Jonathan Blackbow

I can't get the link to open


I know that it will work for you, but from the cool, green hills of Atlantia to way out here in the dust and heat of Kuwait, something isn't working right.

If you have a couple of minutes to spare, could you e-mail the "pix and everything" to me at either miaullis [at] yahoo [dot] com or aaron [dot] miaullis [at] us [dot] army [dot] mil? The little bits I've read and seen pictures of are astounding.

Looking forward to being in Atlantia,

William Featherstone (aka Aaron)

It was super! I and my

It was super! I and my Heckling Heralds had the best time! And the Naiads were all sweet and lovely and just a delight to be around!

Thank you, Corby!


William: emails sent. One

William: emails sent. One with all the pix attached. Shouldn't be a problem other than that the pix are in alphabetical order and you'll have to match the pic to the caption.

What the world needs is a good ELE. - Jonathan Blackbow

Thank you!


Thanks! The stories were great and the costuming was fantastic.

Your servant,