The Story of the Quest

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As I'm working through this, I find myself drawn more to the gods and goddesses and less to replicating the tests done by legendary heroes. But that may change. And those legendary feats (defeating the Cyclops, Golden Fleece, etc) may be necessary to prove the questers to the gods.)

Here's where I'm going right now. Please add your input.

Backstory/Set up

  • In legend, Venus cheats on Vulcan many times, most notably with Mars.
  • Vulcan once caught them together, proved their adultery and made them swear before the gods to pay recompense.
  • They agreed to this in order to be released from Vulcan's trap, but never actually did pay.
  • Venus leaves Vulcan again to warn Mars that Vulcan is mad about this and has enlisted the other gods, who have refused to provide their blessings to men until it is made right.
  • Jupiter withholds judgement, Pluto refuses to accept the dead, etc.
  • Mars is the one exception to this--he makes war constantly to impress Venus, who has fled the shame of the other gods to be with Mars.
  • Mars has taken the best swords and shields of the King's bound men (the knights) to cause more strife and suffering. (This needs better link up/rationale.)

The quest's object is to make Mars return Venus to Vulcan, restoring the proper way of things.  Getting Vulcan settled down enough to actually take her back could also be a goal.

The questers need:

  • the advice of the gods so they understand the problem
  • a way to defeat Mars (preferably without combat, as Mars is typically undefeatable)
  • a way to convince Venus to return to Vulcan. Perhaps some new treasure made by Vulcan?

So the central stations of the quest would be the ones dealing with Venus and Mars. When they meet Venus, they need to be prepared to convince her to leave Mars. When they meet Mars, they need to get past/avoid/convince him to do something besides just destroy them.

Pluto's station could be the "do over" station--dead questers must go here, and can be rescued by their team if they overcome Pluto or do his will. As Pluto is also the god of giving precious metals (as gold, silver and such come from the underworld) maybe the questers can gain something that will please Vulcan.

This diagram may be more confusing than helpful and is only about half done, but it helped me think about what's happening. This diagram now reflects the decisions from KASF.
The middle of this is still missing some bits.

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The flowchart could use its

The flowchart could use its own separate webpage, esp. if you've got it updated with the stuff you had written on it Saturday.

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Posted before I'd read the summary and everything else. Apologies....this should be great fun!