Staff and Assignments

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As Aric suggested, we need to get jobs assigned. This entry is for work to get done, not roles to play. I'm adding stuff as I go here, so until you see me add some note about these being the final assignments, don't consider this list comprehensive. That means just because today you only see "bring water bottles" next to your name, it doesn't mean that tomorrow you won't have "build a 7' tall animatronic Titan" there.

Here are folks who don't have specifics to do yet:
Phia: Costuming, specifics to be assigned
Cosette: monster/god makeup specifics to be assigned

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I have confirmations from

I have confirmations from Duchess Isabel and Mistress Sine to join me as Fates.

I will also make 12-? Banners for use wherever we need them during the quest.

I'll have the artwork and samples at KASF. (I typed that elsewhere, but this looks like the right place to repeat it.)