Quest Announcement: Omens of Dread

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This is the final draft that got published:
Respectful of the traditions of His ancestors, Prince Valharic has called on an Oracle to speak of His upcoming coronation. Those auguries speak of a glorious reign to come, with great things to begin at the coronation of Valharic and Arielle. Yet they also hint at some darker, alarming event on the heels of that joy:

No doubt in the strength of a chain's bond, those unproven prove the day.

Mars and Vulcan strive, so must the brave as a strong hand's fingers.

Ever mindful of the welfare of Atlantia, Prince Valharic asks that teams of five ("as a strong hand's fingers") stalwarts apply to him and be prepared for a quest into the very realm of the Roman Gods. Teams must include at least one armored combatant and at least one non-combatant and must be captained by a non-peer ("those unproven prove the day"). One peer per team, but you may include a multiple peer. List as many of your five and their titles as you have worked out when you apply to HRH Valharic. Email prince [at] atlantia [dot] sca [dot] org to apply.

Valharic handed out many of these this weekend, and it is also now online a the Atlantian Combat Board and on Armor Archive.

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Given the numbers of people

Given the numbers of people who probably don't have a working knowledge of Greek and Roman mythology, some strong recommendations of where to bone up on the subject would help to make the day flow.

And this being the 21st Century, online links would probably be best.

It will be difficult to have your genius nuances and mythical accomplishments savored and appreciated if most of the players are walking around totally clueless.

Most folks expect to just 'show up' at Coronation, not to prepare their minds for the experience, so we may need to make this need for preparation more obvious than we might think.

I like the way the very announcement takes up back to the time from the very first sentence. :-)

Susanna Schweissguth

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Quite so

You're right about this, but as the programmer says "It's a feature, not a bug!"

I hope to work in the story backgroud as part of the clues necessary to complete the quest.

So even if you don't know Venus from a ladies shaver, if you get all the clues you get all the story and can follow the importance of making things right.

That's the plan, anyway.

Que Les Mauvais Soient Dévoré de la Flamme

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Just Posted--Partial Announcement

Just went up on the Atlantian Combat Board, so teams can start preparing. This is lacking almost all detail. I still need to work with Val a bit to get the final wording right on the full announcement.

Que Les Mauvais Soient Dévoré de la Flamme