Props and Scenery

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Needed, in no particular order. Items in red are not covered by anyone yet.

  • Coins (Connor's bringing 200 atlantian "crowns")
  • quest badges to differentiate stations and participants from the rest of the event-goers. Theo has finished them.
  • Roman-style drinking vessels including drinking horns Iohanna has some. Elspet working on others.
  • Tents. Several already offered, but we may need more.
  • A really loud gong, bell or a herald's horn to summon Mercury to his temple Jessamyn has a gong.
  • period-ish jugs and glassware Elspet and others bringing some. Corby has 6 small bottles for 5 Rivers.
  • lots of stools, tables and benches for various stations Multiple volunteers
  • braziers Wolfram has one. Genvieve has one.
  • blacksmith puzzles for Vulcan (also called tavern puzzles) Corby has one. Colin has 10!
  • beer for Bacchus
  • wine for Bacchus and for the Satyrs and fauns.
  • food for Bacchus
  • any sort of party stuff for Bacchus
  • larger goat horns for Bacchus
  • plastic grape headdress for Bacchus Iohanna has the materials.
  • list barriers or similar for Cyclops' goat pen
  • "Do Not Cross" or similar surveyor's tape to close dangerous terrain at Cyclops and Minotaur stations.
  • Large map of the site with all the stations detailed, preferably looking like a floor mosaic (Corby's on this)
  • 9+ sets of little goat horns for the cyclops' goat "kids" (7 are done)
  • at least a couple of fleeces. Jonah has 5, Wolfram has two.
  • Bouquets of spring flowers for Proserpina
  • a great deal of grey-dyed cheesecloth to dull the appearance of works of art and for "dead" questers. (Thjora has it, dying it today)
  • a decent sized kiddy pool, or better, a gigantic hard sided tub Philip is working on it, but let us know if you find another.
  • enough cheap black cloth to cover the tub/pool Jessamyn has this.
  • 5 jugs of gatorade: red, blue, purple, green and orange (Thjora got these.)
  • tiny sealable bottles, shot sized for the Five Underworld Rivers. Elspet has 5, Corby has 16. That's enough.
  • enough ice to fill the pool/tub for the Five Underworld Rivers. Everyone bring all their ice please!!!!!!
  • hot pepper appetizer as "hot coals" for Pluto (ask Corby for more info.) Val is making Noble Black Coal Eggs.
  • a "bird headed staff" of office for Pluto done by Corby.
  • Caduceus for Mercury Corby & Philip made this
  • Orb headed staff for Jupiter Corby made this
  • Javelins for SCA combat someone must be able to borrow some of these. Even just one!
  • Charms to ward off the Ills at Pandora's Box--these can be any little doodad trinket. (done. more always useful)
  • Small center grip shields for armored combat (Roland, Alan and others are bringing theirs)
  • Short swords for armored combat (ditto above)
  • a two pronged fork polearm for Pluto (almost complete by Corby)
  • an "ebony throne" (need a tall chair) for Pluto Jessamyn has the fabric to cover a chair.
  • a big mean looking key for the Key to Erebus (Thanks to Aaron. Got one)
  • Winged helmet for Mercury done by Corby
  • "Bota" wine skins.
  • a rope net stout enough to throw over 3 people. (delivered to Theo)

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Quest Token design

For quest tokens, I thought some little "favor-like" thing. Red fabric with either a stylized Corinthian column or a Roman temple in gold for Val's colors.

We need these for the quest characters, not the questers themselves, which reduces the total number we need by perhaps as many as 45.

Now at this link.

Que Les Mauvais Soient Dévoré de la Flamme

Having tokens for the

Having tokens for the questors, as mementos of this awesome event would be wonderful.

They could accumulate them as they proceed through the quest.

I'm not a caster, so I may be asking for the moon here, but it would be neat just the same.

Different topic, Banners...
I will bring the art work and samples of the banners tomorrow so that you have a clear idea of what will be available to work with as you make decisions about how and where to use them.

I will be tied up until the end of the Pentathlon, though, I'll miss too much of the planning talks. :-(


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Badges for questers would be great

I would love to do badges for the questers.

But committing to them means doubling the badge production.

So, if we get a bunch of people who can do some, we'll do the extra 45 we need for questers.

Que Les Mauvais Soient Dévoré de la Flamme

Anything with a golden hind

Anything with a golden hind would work well for Arielle, too. Greek/Roman?


There is a bell in the

There is a bell in the middle of the buildings in camp. Dunno if that would be any use because of its location. -JB

What the world needs is a good ELE. - Jonathan Blackbow

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Where is the camp bell?


Where is this on the camp map? Can we be sure no one else rings it for any other purpose? Lacking any other use, we could use it to signal to all the quest people that Venus has returned to Vulcan.

Maybe Vulcan could set up right at the bell.

Que Les Mauvais Soient Dévoré de la Flamme

Props / Settings: Venus, Cyclops

- I plan to bring a Roman-style reclining couch for my use.
- What's the setting? will there be a tent / pavilion used for my station?

- HRH Valharic mentioned a weapon He could provide to resemble Cyclops' club
- I intend to make the vittae (purpura bands tied to offerings) for the "kids" to wear; currently thinking strips of purpura cloth tied to their upper arms would provide good visual cues
- Any thoughts on leads for the "kids"? Perhaps a nine foot length of twine with loops on each end (one for "kid" to hold on to, other for Quest team member?) Would allow for easy uescape by unattended kids....

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Clubs & Kids

I've aimed Val and Aradd at each other regarding the club and asked Aradd to confirm that he will handle everything at his station except fence/barrier stuff.

Seems to me the questers should have to figure out how to hold on to their goats themselves! the vittae can be there, But let them decide how to use them.

The goats need not only horns, but some sort of differentiation by color--white goat, black goat red goat, etc. Different gods are more pleased by different colors. We can just ask the kids to wear that color that day, but some actual costuming would be great. Maybe fake fur liripipe/hoodies?

Que Les Mauvais Soient Dévoré de la Flamme

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Tents and location

It's probably a good idea for each station to have cover. It could rain!!!

That scares the Erebus out of me.

Though if the weather report is solidly in the "pleasant" category, perhaps on Friday we can save ourselves a LOT of work by not putting up tents everywhere.

Unless it is totally miserable, I think I'll skip cover for Erebus. Rain makes it even gloomier, don't ya know.

All I know now is that Venus will be somewhere right by the Field of Mars. Depending on negotiations with the marshal, I could actually see putting Venus's station inside a large ring of bales right in the middle of the field. I'm going to the site Friday or Sunday of this weekend and will be able to firm up location details after that. Any NC area quest staff who want to show up with me, let me know. It will either be early Friday morning or late Sunday afternoon. Maybe a bit of both.

Que Les Mauvais Soient Dévoré de la Flamme

Props: Glassware

See the following on Napa Style for clear Roman-ish glasses:

... and the following ** on sale ** red Roman-ish tableware (plates and glasses):

--> I have about a dozen small red votive sized glasses in this style (( wrong color, but ... they were on sale! and I won't be terribly upset to lose a few at War, etc )) that I could bring for Bacchus


Will you post a master list of prop commitments somewhere?

I have two benches which hold 2 or 3 people.
I can bring my big (25 X 30 feet) Panther pavilion for use as a station. I'll need help setting it up Friday afternoon or Saturday morning, and taking it down on Sunday.

For cloth tokens, we have several embroidery machines in the kingdom. I think this could be handled fairly easily, we just need to ask.


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List of Prop Commitments + Embroidery Machines

This is the place for the master list. As I get commitments to things listed at the top of this page, we'll add them to it.

As tents go, I think we really really need to get them all up on Friday. As I think about this, I'm pretty sure I'll need to get down near the site on Thursday, so I can have a full day on site Friday.

For embroidery machines: Please consider this my asking! I only know where one is, and the one I know of belong to people not associated with the quest. I'll ask Theodora if she can do some quest "favors" right now, but considering we need something like

    10 for cyclops & goats
    3-6 for filthy fauns
    10 for triton and naiads
    3 for fates
    3 for Gorgons
    1 each for minotaur, Rapier betting guy, hydra, mercury, bacchus, bacchus attendant, Trivia, Pluto, pluto attendant, Charon, mars, venus, Vulcan, Minerva, possible Ulysses, Jupiter, Juno, Proserpina

That's an even 50 of these. Maybe rubber stamping would be better? Embroidery would be great, but I fear getting enough done.

I've just asked if Bera can head up this effort. If everyone's embroidery machines work the way Theodora's does, I can provide the image to enter into the machine.

Que Les Mauvais Soient Dévoré de la Flamme

Gravesend stash

Hey Corby,

We have in our stash:
1- 18x24 marquee pavilion, with pale reddish edged dagges, 7' walls and gold poles
1- 16x16 square marquee pavilion, with green edged dagges, 6' walls and green poles
1- 10x10 tinker toy tent in blue and gold with 7' walls
1- sad 10x10 blue and gold dayshade with blue poles, with no walls, 7' poles
(We could probably rustle up Kynny and Tonwen's 18x18 square marquee with blue dagges, they also have a 12x12 regent. Freddy and Alyce have the Alyce Palace 18x24 marquee with red decoration, as well as a 14x16 wall tent with fly.)

2 three butt benches
2 one butt benches
2 folding x-chairs
2 glastonbury chairs
1 camp trestle table
1 "ernie" table
3 smaller folding tables
1 much smaller folding table (used often inside vigil tents)

and a brazier

NOTE: we also have some unpainted list fence, if needed. (But if it is not needed, don't ask for it since it can be a pain to liberate from the basement. The last person to ask for the list fence and not use it is permanently on my s**t list.)

Please note, I'm not bringing all of this stuff. Right now the only thing on my list is the brazier. Please let me know what from this list you'd like brought and we'll find a way. Better yet, we can send it home from Bob's party with you and you can consider making use of the camp trailer, if you need to.

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Susanna's Tent description

What's the color scheme on this tent?

it's so big!
Que Les Mauvais Soient Dévoré de la Flamme

Pavilion and day shade

If this as a question for my pavilion, it is plain, no dags. even. With or without walls.

With fabric or banners, it can be anything you want.

I also have a plain canvas 10 X 20 -ish shade that can be set up with a back panel as a 10 X 10. No walls except for that back panel.


get the image and i'll see

get the image and i'll see if Janet can bang some out. She's got an embroidery machine.

What the world needs is a good ELE. - Jonathan Blackbow


I have a majorly loud, hand-held, Chinese gong in my classroom. (Also lot of drums and other instruments. Sorry, no horns.) I also bought a BOX of black cloth at a garage sale, so we can cover the bucket and the "ebony" throne. Gotta think about the other stuff.


Okay... I can provide the following:

Coins how many? (though if I do them, this will remove me from casting site tokens)
4 drinking horns of various sizes (8-16 oz.)
2 std. bar stools, 30"x72" modern folding plastic table (we can cover with fabric)
1 uber brazier
blacksmith shop for Vulcan but NO blacksmith puzzles
2 (currently black) fleeces.
I might have a 4' diameter kiddy pool - let me look.
There was a honkin sized skeleton key around the house at one point - let me look for it...

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Wolfram, will site tokens get done without you?

We would need at least 45 coins, but realistically its more like 100. I'm trying to find a source that doesn't involve more work for our core people, like you.

Que Les Mauvais Soient Dévoré de la Flamme

Ponte Alto coins?

My Barony struck a bunch of coins for our recent ToLaB event -- not sure how many of them would be available. Would you like me to enquire?

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Iohanna--ask about coins please!

Yes, please do ask about the ponte alto coins. Not all the coins have to be the same!

They do need to know that most if not all of them will not come back. We can hand back in whatever the questers don't get and those they "pay" to get through a station with, but if they earn them and don't use them, I don't think we can ask for them back.


coins and embroidery

Don't forget that Baroness Oriana does some fine casting as well. (She did the last Crusades site tokens.) She might be one to ask if you want site tokens or quest tokens.

Also, there is the uber caster, Kymber. Does she have a task/time? She also has an embroidery machine just like Theo's. (I know, I used it for Roland's cloak back in 2003.) Emma also has an embroidery machine, as does Anne of Carthew, among others.

Queries going out

I'm making some discreet queries and crossing my fingers. :-)


grape vines etc for Bacchus

I may have a lead on a bin of grape vine decorations, including a slew of "centerpieces" that could readily serve as head gear for Bacchus (perhaps vines around tent poles?)

got vines!

The Barony of Ponte Alto has kindly agreed to loan us the grapevines I donated a couple of years ago :-) Next step is figuring out logistics -- hopefully an officer will transport them, as my car is increasingly full....

There's about 10-12 six foot lengths of grape vine with faux grapes, and about as many "centerpieces" (( which could be assembled into head gear for Bacchus ))

Who's taking care of Bacchus' clothing / accessories? If they are local(ish) to Ponte Alto, and would like an early distro of the grape vines, let me know....

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Bacchus' Locus

Bacchus/Balynar is located in Caer Mear. Hopefully he can handle his own loincloth fitting.

Or perhaps Leofwynne, his lady can. I'll check.

Que Les Mauvais Soient Dévoré de la Flamme

tiny bottles for Rivers water: Michaels clip-top jars?

I used some clip-top "spice jars" from Michaels for a project recently -- I believe they were about $1 each -- how many would we need?

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How many Jars for Five Underworld Rivers?

Hmmm. How many?

Figure not all the questers will get to the 5 rivers test.

5 rivers jars.

One "poison" jar.

If we don't add more when some is taken, then 6. If we do, then probably, what...20?

What does a clip top jar look like?

Que Les Mauvais Soient Dévoré de la Flamme

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Domestic Props Sent from Overseas

Aaron, a fellow who I haven't met and who hasn't even moved into Atlantia yet, informs me he is shipping the following from Kuwait as of yesterday, for use as props or prizes:

One brass candle holder (large)
One really, really old steel camel lock with embossed face and two keys (Could Trivia have these keys? to what?)
One brass oil lamp (small) {like the ones you rub to get a genie}
One brass Middle Eastern Tea set with five brass small cups
Three marble cups (small)
One tin (?) scroll case with embossed face

None of this is spoken for at any station right now.

I don't know what a camel lock is or what it looks like.


UPDATE: pictures of these now on line at

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Connor has:

rubber snakes and other fake creepy crawlies.
human skull (plastic but realistic)
two cauldrons (one small bowl sized, one large punch bowl sized)
One 3 foot tall skeleton in a gibbet.
Raven. (normally pecking at the skeleton in the gibbet, but can be attached anywhere)
mail haueberk (blackend, should fit most people)
My roman costume (helmet/lorica/greaves/gladius/dagger/belt/pilum)
I also have a wholesale deal with Deepeeka's North American warehouse, which is ten minutes from where I live.

corby's picture

3 foot tall skeleton?

Connor, so you mean to tell us that you have a midget in a gibbet?

Please bring all this stuff to coronation if you can.

Final banner list

Corby, I tried to send a file to you with the final banners as jpgs, but it wouldn't go through..."over quota."

I don't have artwork for Mars. Maybe I can put that together myself after I'm sure I've got time for getting the other ones done.

This is what I have for a final list:

Gods: Apollo, Jupiter, Neptune, Venus and Atlas.

Humans: Hercules (for the Stables?), Orpheus (for Justus' station?), Oracle.

Monsters: Cerberus, Cyclops , Medusa (for the Gorgon area?) Minotaur, Golden Fleece (fits in this category for construction purposes).

Let me know if this works, and I'll consider it locked in.


We need Banner Stands

We need stands of some sort to hold up the banners. They need to be free standing for the remote stations, and sturdy enough to withstand some wind.

I have no resources for doing these and would ask that someone here take on this job.

The banners can be finished to accommodate the design of the stands with sleeves on the back, grommets, tabs across the top, or whatever else is needed.

The finished size will be *about* 36" vertically and 24" horizontally. The size can be adjusted to fit the banner stands by making boarders wider or narrower.

Thanks. :-)


corby's picture

Portable holes for banners

I have many many portable holes we can use for this anyplace we can pound something into the ground.

Do you need upright poles too? I have those. What about cross pieces? Or am I thinking of the right kind of banner?

That will work

I only have banners, well, parts of banners... ;-)

If you've got 12-16 uprights and cross pieces, we're set. How long are the cross pieces?

If I put tabs across the top, they can be hung from a pavilion (later) or outside on a stand of some sort.

Thank you. One headache (and big expense) gone. :-)


corby's picture

Poles, not crosses


I have upright poles but not crosses. You're making 12-16 banners?

Anyone out there have some 1/2"+ dowelling we can use for crosses? Old closet rods?

13 +4 optional

There are 13 Mythological Banners.

I've got 4 more started for TRHs, if I've got enough time to finish them.


I thought it was a camel lock, but... isn't. It's a Tibetan lock they said. It's nice looking, but I was wrong in it's purpose.

The scroll case may work for Mercury, the messanger.

The five cups could hold the five waters of the underworld, and it would be a test of balance to not spill the five small cups. ;) Your good waiters and waitresses might even find it to be a challange to see who could walk the farthest without spilling.

Unfortunately the mail is taking it's sweet time, and I fear I will be unable to send more due to the timing. There are some nice bells here, but I would be surprised if someone can't find one in Atlantia.


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Susanna's banners

The following questers need to get their banners from Mistress Susanna once they're on site:

Medusa (The Gorgons)
Golden Fleece (Hydra)

See me for a pole and portable hole if you need one.