Meet the Questers

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Here's what Val would like to see as the make up of the teams.

    5 members one must be an armored combatant
    team leaders may not be peers
    one must be a non-combatant
    one peer max, but multiple peers are allowed
    teams picked by HRHs. They must apply to Val.
    Maximum of 9 teams, but possibly fewer. The max will not be announced.

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Recon on teams

I know of one team forming: William Thomas, Andrew of Dark Moon, Rusty and two others I don't know. They're planning a strong combat team with the hope that will carry them through most trouble, but I also know they're doing some research on mythology. As of this writing, no team has actually contacted HRH.

What do we do if nobody

What do we do if nobody contacts HRH by Coronation?

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Teams are prepping

I know there's at least one team prepping. Val has handed out many invites.

Even if they're cobbled together that day, I think we'll have teams.