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It will be handy to have some sort of guides, mentioned in earlier notes as "escorts". We potentially need 9 of these, and it would solve some logistical issues if they could be armored combat marshals too. I hope to get all the settings, stations and combatants to a point where "things are what they are"--in other words, the escorts won't have to do lots of explaining about where questers can and can't go or can and can't do. That's because I hope to make it self evident that there's no way to sneak in to a station instead of going in the front, and that you can't hit that guy but you can hit this one.  What I want to avoid is having to make the escorts do lots of exposition and explaining in order for the questers to move "properly" to and through each station. That means thinking about and dealing ahead of time with all the ways they might approach a problem.  So, who knows good armored marshals for this job?  Who I'd like as Marshal/escorts:

  • Alan Gravesend (Confirmed)
  • Ragnar Blackhammer
  • Aedan Alewin (Confirmed)
  • Sir Roland (Confirmed)
  • Wystan Roland Sacheverell (Almost confirmed)
  • Jonah (Confirmed)
  • Connor Sinclair (Confirmed)
  • Richard Fitzgilbert
  • Andras

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In my dreams, we would have a way to dress the marshals

Seems like toooo much, but if we end up finding help from someone who doesn't otherwise have something to do, I'd love to outfit the escort marshals with some symbol of Janus, the watchman god with two faces--that way he could see anything.

Alternately, tabards with huge eyeballs front and back.