Vulcan's Props

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For Vulcan, we need:

    forge props
    many different gifts for Venus: golden "girdle", jewelry, tiaras, mirrors all made of metal or stone.
    some furniture
    blacksmith's puzzles that aren't too hard (Corby has one or two.)

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gifts for Venus: some bangles?

I have ordered some inexpensive (( and hopefully not too cheesy )) thin metal bangles for Venus' costume -- any I'm not going to wear can go into Vulcan's "for Venus" stash

Venus gifts update: building a collection

I have the following set aside for Venus prezzies (( could be with Vulcan to dispense to Questers, could be used in other stations ))

- 20 "gold" bangle bracelets
- five clusters of "jems" on a ring
- six hand mirrors in three designs: one in "heart", two in "flower" and three in "oval" (( perhaps the more rare the more precious to Venus? ))
- length of "pearls"

==> QUESTION: How can / should I label these items to make sure they are returned to me?? I was thinking stickers with Quest logo and my arms for the mirrors... but what about the pearls and bangles and such?

Banner - Lady Sorcha

Lady Sorcha is making banner "blanks" for me -- I have at least two coming, one for Venus and one for Vulcan. May also have one for Mars.

Vulcan's design will be tongs and hammer, similar to the Regenbogen arms in the Codex Manesse: