Triton Props and Scenery

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At the least, we'll need 10 things for Triton and the Naiads to sit on.

Hey, Rhiannon could hold a big herald's meeting right in the middle of all this, fill the place with heralds who can heckle the questers!

Other stuff of use:

    A canoe with life vests and oars.
    The Triton Herald's banners and symbols of office, if Rhiannon is Triton.
    a big mucking horn, whether it gets played or not.
    something to tie to any object from the questers, so that it floats if Triton throws it into the lake.

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props, etc.

We'll also need a variety of painted shields (plywood, canvas, etc.) for the quizzing portion of the station.
A couple of parasols would be nice too, being on the water and in the sun and all.
I'm thinking a simple triton itself might do the job for marking the station, since a way to hang banners on the dock doesn't immediately come to mind.

I'd like to veto the idea of a herald's meeting unless you want to actively drive the questers away and have a bunch of bored naiads. This does not exclude Triton/Thetis from having non-naiad companions of her choosing with a heraldic inclination.

To hang banners on the dock:

To hang banners on the dock: get yourself a couple of those breakdown-style clothes racks.

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No offense, but ugh, I'd

No offense, but ugh, I'd rather not. Is there enough space to set up a small 10x10 shade near the dock that could be decorated and a place to seek shade when no-questors approach?

There aren't any Triton

There aren't any Triton banners, however, I do have the Triton tabard we could hang and could probably snag a crossed trumpet banner from somebody...

I've asked Eldred to come be my heraldic heckler/helper.