Triton and Naiads: staffing

Here is the staffing roll of current Naiads on board. Triton will be played by Triton herself. Hooray!


  • Genevieve
  • Phia
  • Bera
  • Gianetta
  • Elizabet de Roslyne (Rhi's friend)
  • Anna (Vic)
  • Eleanor (Cyndi)
  • Isabel (Genie)
  • and Katerina

Sashes with quest badge on them have been created for the 10 of us. A sample can been seen here:
307-projects 007
Triton's sash is slightly different in that a blue trident has been added on top of the gold temple on the embroidered badge, and it will be displayed on her shoulder.

We've also got Ella on board for blue make-up for the Naiads to make them a bit more ethereal as well as another common element for them all.

The arms for testing questers still need to be painted up. Currently I'm thinking on fabric that can be rolled up and held by each Naiad. "Gold" bangles will be on hand as a bonus for the team that can tell us the owner of the arms.

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corby's picture

cool as spring water

That looks great Gen.

Thanks all!

My costume is done. Gold

My costume is done.

Gold Bangles have been divided out and labeled with blue ribbon as a gift from Triton so Venus can't be fooled into thinking they are from Vulcan instead.

Now to finish up non-quest related tunicas for Alan, Freddy, and Alyce.
Since Vic has to cancel, I've got Alyce on as tentative and she'll let me know soon if she can be a Naiad or not. Further suggestions of back-up Naiads accepted, but hopefully not needed.

Groovy! I have been unable

Groovy! I have been unable to find gold bangles. Department stores only had silver. Wouldn't you know?