Oracular Clue for Triton

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No land contains them but roses are all about.
Azure beauties foreign to land yet their blessings wash dirt away.
Naiadic wisdom for riverine risks in Erebus.

Rhi and others, how much of the above can we translate into heraldic speak?

Wow, what if the whole clue was just a shield– a blue & white wavy field with nine blue women surrounding the Triton Herald's badge?

So that would be the triton on water.

Huh huh? What do you think?

This would just be on a piece of paper, don't hesitate just because there's no time to paint one up.

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quick & dirty rough draft

Mighty sounds the horn-call
Triton rises from the sea
Look you to the dock there
Describe the heraldry
Win the lovely naiad
and take her on your quest
Recall those lovely Niaid waters
Use them for what they do best
(except drinking. -Ed.)

What the world needs is a good ELE. - Jonathan Blackbow

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Closest but too clear

Hey Jonathan,

I appreciate your attempts here. Of all of them, this is the best. But it is actually TOO clear for the questers--They'll know exactly where to go and what to do.

Some of this is probably my fault. the list of "things to include" is my initial brainstorming list. Adding everything is probably too much.

Take a look at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Famous_Oracular_Statements_from_Delphi for examples of where I'm trying to go with tone and level of confusion.

Remember, we actually have the Fates station set up (and others too) for questers to go to get help in understanding their oracle.

I'm confused... Why "sigh,

I'm confused... Why "sigh, no Triton"? If it's just a point of what name I am using, Triton works as good for me as Daphne.

Will try to forward some designs today!

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It's the poetry

Triton just seems more evocative to me. the name "Daphne" is a little bit ordinary to my ear.

Plus, I really love the happy confluence of Triton, Herald of the Sea and Triton Herald. It offers laughs AND chances to confuse the questers. I can imagine a team saying "Why do we want to go talk to her? She's just some kingdom officer!"

Works for me! Triton I am

Works for me! Triton I am and Triton I shall be! (rhyme unintentional)

Corby, I sent a selection of


I sent a selection of heraldic devices to Jen, since I don't think I have an email address for you. If you need me to send them to you directly, drop me a note at brcurry [at] bellsouth [dot] net


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I talk heraldry good

Rhiannon, I'm perfectly happy to let you do the whole thing. If you want to use me as a test subject (as I'm using Roisin, Aradd, Susie and others as test subjects for the Oracular clues) then I'm mdawson [at] mac [dot] com.

I passed the heraldic test in the Pennsic quest.

I think it would be cool to make the questers pony up something every time they get an answer wrong, then put it in a canoe and shove it out onto the lake.

Let's make them go rowing to get it back!

By the way, are any of our naiads lifeguards? Seriously.


Technically my certification has run out many years ago, but I used to be certified in First Aid, CPR, and Life Saving, and could probably pull most anyone out of the water if required. Though I'm less svelt, so tell the really big guys and gals to stay away from the lake. Does this mean I have to be the last Naiad to go? (pout)

Rhi, you mentioned additional tokens for those who guess the owner of the arms correctly. I have some cheap gold bangles (think multitude of thin belly dancing ones) I can bring for that use, if you want.

more Triton text

Probably still giving away too much. Again, the rhythm is fairly clean -

Fish-tailed god and son of the Sea,
what parade of majesty and of honor
could entrance the beauties of lake and stream,
subjects not yours or your fathers,
such that limpid homes are left behind
and they come forth at your horn’s call?

I like comparing a heraldic quiz to a parade, but maybe that's just me.


Supero stupor mundi

I dunno. I suspect the male

I dunno. I suspect the male reference will confound the more literal-minded... Rhiannon

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Heraldry is Ladies of the Rose, right?

You're doing the "test" shields as the arms of various ladies of the rose, right?

I ask because I might work that into the clue--"no land contains them, yet roses all about" or something like that.


Colin is blessedly working on the images for me. We will be using arms of 9 various Ladies of the Rose indeed. I even got a nice North:South ratio in place too.