Triton and the Naiads- on the dock

Okay, to gain some organization for this station... here are my thoughts:

Triton will be played by Rhiannon, Triton herald, and will head up the station. We will be set up on/near the dock, decorated as we are able with shades of blue.

Any questors who arrive, will be put to a test on heraldry. She will have shields of varying levels of difficulty for the team to blazon as best they can. If they have pleased her with their heraldic knowledge, she will grant the team a naiad (river nymph) to aide them in their quest.

If for whatever reason we have two or more teams approach the station, the naiads can be used as a diversionary tactic to distract the other teams from the right answers.

The benefit of winning a Naiad is:
-she can drive away the fauns from the stables to enable the team to see the map. (Does she have to be prompted by a team member, or can she simply act upon reaching that station?)
-she has advance knowledge of the rivers of the underworld and the properties of the waters. She can help the team choose (again, assuming the team asks) which water to draw for a gift to Mars.
-she can be bartered and traded to other teams, or used as a gift in the other various stations where such a gift might be of use.

Anything else? I want to prep the Naiads when they are all gathered. This requires that the fauns know that a naiad can drive them away. I hope to have the naiads marked in some distinct fashion so that they are all alike and noticable. I'm thinking blue sashes at the moment.

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How about one naiad per shield? also faun answers.

So the Triton Herald isn't playing Triton, Herald of the Sea? :-<

More important for Rhi to be happy.

If we go with a shield per Naiad, then the questers can choose based on either which shield they know how to blazon, or which naiad they want to take with them.

But that would mean only one question on the quiz. However you want to do it.

Also, while I'm all in favor of distraction from lovely ladies, Triton may simply order questers not to approach until the others have left.

When it comes to naiads at the stables, I think the sight of the naiad should make the fauns really nervous. Depending on how warm it is, we can always have schtick where the naiad rushes up and douses the fauns, causing them to run off. If they're going to carry a jug, that is.

Que Les Mauvais Soient Dévoré de la Flamme

Well, we have a lake, not

Well, we have a lake, not the sea, so Daphne was a daughter of a River God (Peneus- snort giggle), and all the Naiads are fresh water nymphs, so that seemed to make more sense to me. But Rhi can be whoever she wants- I offered Thetis or Daphne, she choose Daphne. Besides, Daphne was loved by Apollo, and turned into the Laurel tree by her dad, so Rhi can be a goddess, lovely but rooted and unmoving. Or heck, she can be Triton, Herald of the Sea, it just seemed to literal to me... But really, whatever Rhi wants.

I guess the fauns could get nervous at the sight of a Naiad, but I guess the main thing is do the questors have to ask the naiad to act against the fauns, or will the simple presence of the naiad automatically force her to action against the fauns. Again, my thinking is that the river existed, but Hercules had to divert it to clean out the stables. The hero had to take action to make use of his resources. The naiad could be all threatening to the fauns, but not throw water at them until directed to take action. Direction could be as simple as "Hey Naiad, can you do anything about those punks?" to "Hey, Hercules cleaned out the stables with a river, let's send the Naiad after them."

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Directing Naiad Action

Directing the actions of the naiads sounds great to me. We'll instruct the fauns and satyrs to be vulgar to all the other ladies, but to be nervous around the naiads and let them drop hints like "you keep her away from me!"

aggressive sweetness

The Naiads could also be sweetness and light to everyone, but aggressive towards the fauns, hinting the questers that they have a place there.

Rhi/Triton/Daphne can also instruct the teams that earn a naiad that they can be helpful at some stations, but that they must be directed to act.

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Naiad sweetness

These are both great ideas. A change in mood from the naiads and the need for the questers to recognize and use it.