The Fate of Each Quester, Bound in the Skein of their Life

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Another draft here, in plain english. Unlike the oracular clues, these directions need to be completely clear, but can still be poetic. (Not that they are at the moment.)

You are DEAD and must go directly to Pluto's Temple in Erebus without delay. Your team mates may not follow you.

The line above is the only thing you may tell your companions.
Nor may you show them the map below.

Do not speak to any quester except to tell them you are dead. You may speak with Gods you meet on the way, but you may not attempt to win any stations or wander around looking for places of interest. Go directly to Pluto's temple on the map below without delay.
You may leave any possessions you care to with them, but even the dead may be tested in Erebus.
Get a bathroom break or water along the way if you need either.

If we could include a piece of grey cheesecloth inside the fate, big enough for them to wear on their heads like a creepy shroud, that would be cool. "If you wear this cloth covering your head, you may pass Charon without payment."

The slip of paper with their fate should also have a small map, showing the way to Erebus.