Make-up for those who want it.

Are you a non-fighting quest member who needs or wants special effects make-up? If so, let me know on the pronto. I will be onsite and available to help with such things till early afternoon when I retire to the kitchens. Trick is, if you have something special or cool in mind, or want something but have no idea what, I need the time to plan, purchase, and test. So, please respond in the next couple of days. Thanks all! Cosette

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"Beauty makeup" -- short short version

Short of beauty makeup on Roman women:
- White WHITE skin (they used lead, chalk, etc)
- alkanet and such on lips and cheeks (think circa 1980s rosy blush)
- DARK eyebrows (brow pencil or powder should do the trick)
- dark eyeliner (think Chrissie Hynde, without the smudging)
- light eyeshadow, if any (pale colors, e.g., saffrons or even alkanet again)

For those of you who wear / like bare Minerals, I have colors and product names in my "Coronation" class handout, and will happily post here and/or email to you if you like ....


Character make-up

Fauns will have to have their horns tied on. Neither my latex or spirit gum were up to the task.

On my list to help with make-up are: 9 water nymphs, 2 gorgons, 1 witch and her two helpers, tying horns onto an as yet to be determined number of fauns. Anyone missing? If you aren't in last or first court, don't wait around to come find me. None of this stuff will be too hard or time consuming individually, but I don't want us to get backed up.

Any final decision on where I should set up in the morning? It would be easier for those coming to find me early to know where to find me.

Naiad make-up

Let us know where you are set-up and as many of us that can make it in advance will. I'm hoping to be in make-up by 8:30am. BTW, several of the Naiads have mentioned needing to not be blue for last court in the am. What I might ask is that after all those that can get make-uped before court, will, and will then take the powder and shadow and do the rest either in the back of court before Coronation, or at the station.


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fauns and goats

Seems very likely there will only be 2 fauns. I'll bug Falcone again.

Goats get horns too, several more sets of which I need to make. They can tie them on too.

I'll reemphasize Cosette's request here: PLEASE don't wait until 10 AM to come to her. Better to find her early than late. At the risk of being a hard case, I'll say that you MUST NOT be late just to get your makeup, especially if you are a naiad or faun. When the quest starts, you MUST be at your station.

Aren't there 3 gorgons?