Mars Guards the Pavilion of Venus

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Since Mars' biggest "prop" is the whole armored combat field, we don't need to do much.

Mistress Susanna's making a banner for him I believe.
Some sort of altar at the near side of the field, where the questers can make their sacrifice would be nice. Maybe a bell or horn there that can get Mars' attention.

While armored questers can approach Mars on the field, there has to be a way to let unarmored ones talk to him without having to call a hold, hence the idea of an altar and a noise maker.

That also lets questers offer their sacrifice, which would mean Mars receives them more hospitably.

Logan, can we use one of your household's tents for Venus' boudoir? It would be right at the field, if not right in the middle of the fighting field. And it would still be available to your household.

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tent ideas!

Would be lovely to have a portion of a tent -- fitting that it be Mars' :-)

I'm pondering ways to partition off Venus' area -- e.g., cotton drapery -- and would need some footprint / height measurements, type of tent, etc. (( E.g., if tent has cording for walls like Panther, could make those portions of drapery with similar hooks to use cording; would need to know if 6' or 7' walls, etc. ))



tent should be fine

brian de lorne has a very nice and clean panther. i will let him know that we need it there.


Logan - are you set for

Logan - are you set for props, livery for you attendents? I'm making up quest badges for Corby and could make something appropriate for you.

im just getting here a

im just getting here a little late. 8) i havent picked my two attendants yet (will be talking with val soon). ive locked down the pavillion for venus but have not gone any further than that. the best way to get to me is to hit my email directly: logan [at] ebonwoulfe [dot] com