Mars: Duke Logan

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Logan emailed a bunch of questions about how the Mars station should work. Here's that info:

Like most rez battles, there are two sides. Mars commands one side. This can be symbolic if the questers never gang up on you, or real if they do. There could be as many as 36 armored questers (though probably more like 27) and we don't want them to be able to win past Mars just by all of them rushing you at once.

The questers can come at you any way they want within the bounds of armored combat. Some teams may have only one fighter, others might have 4. And we're not forbidding teams from cooperating. 

Your word to the questers on the field is law. You can order them to defeat you before they can pass, you can order them to leave. If you take a good limb blow, you just tell them "nice shot", you don't have to lose the limb. If they hit you a "killing blow", you can fall down and get right back up and engage them again.

The idea is that they are dumb to try to beat the god of war at fighting.

The knights on site will not have their "best" shields and weapons during the fighting, unless they are on or participating in the quest. They can borrow whatever they can borrow. This is a manifestation of the lack of Mars' blessing to men. All the knight's shields and weapons will be in Mars' camp, probably surrounding Venus in some way.

Your attendants help you look out for sneaky questers. They can fight with you against them if you want. They can fight against the questers first, and if they win, you can order the questers to leave the field.

You are Mars, god of war, you control the field as you want.

Questers cannot disobey a direct order from a god. 

  • To get past you, the quest has several things questers can bring you: 
  • A proper "sacrifice" of a red goat=you hear their request pleasantly
  • A proper sacrifice of the minotaur's liver=as above
  • even more so if both are sacrificed.
  • Water from one of the 5 rivers of the underworld--they offer you a drink, causing you to change your behavior in a way that lets them get to Venus (you forget Venus or you regret her being here or you go berserk fighting in the rez battle and ignore them or you are knocked out for 5 minutes or you attack them mercilessly)
  • "Wine" from Bachhus' party could make you drunk--friendly drunk or belligerent as their behavior warrants.
  • A thunderbolt from Jupiter (one of their weapons marked with special tape from him) would mean a good long pause between you being hit and you getting back up--IF they manage to hit you with it!
  • They could impress Minerva so much that she decides to join them, fighting you on their behalf, which would keep you busy while they go on to Venus. 

Thunderbolts and Minerva's direct aid are going to be HARD for the questers to get. 

I'm open to other suggestions. You are Mars and can set what proofs you want. If they come to you empty handed, you could say "go get me a red goat for a sacrifice, then one of you best me on the field, one on one and then I'll let you approach Venus."  I imagine some teams will come right out to the field, see you're a quest station and try to deal with you. Three hours later, they'll be back with proper sacrifices, offerings and their dead team-mates rescued from hell.