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Dear Gods…
Apr. 9th, 2007 at 2:38 PM
So, Coronation was a fun one. Here’s the blow by blow for those who want to know how my team managed to win. I assure you, it was mostly luck.

The team was thrown together at the last minute, in keeping with the fine traditions of the SCA. Baron Athos agreed to be on it first, then Master Validmar(valdemar1066) was willing to jump in. Next, I tracked down Lady Beatrice (3_purple_irises) and she jumped at the chance, and lastly Lord Wistric(zihuatanejo) found himself free to aid us. We all met up on site, and got up the hill to where things were starting.

Apparently, there was some level of description as to the fact that the Gods were angry, and we should find out why. I think we missed that. Instead, we were handed a clue and tried to get started on things. Really, we didn’t know where we were, where we should go, and what to do. Thinking that the clue meant we should go in one direction, we went that way.

We came upon Triton, and mentioned our team name, which we made up on the spot, and were re-buffed. Abandon All Hope was sent backing. So, we went down the road a bit and found the muses. They asked to be entertained, and we would be granted a clue….

You know how when Snow White sings, little birds and squirrels and such come from the trees and happily cheer her on. Well, when I sing, those birds and squirrels fall from the trees dead. I knew this was not going to be my forte. As we all stood around, trying to figure out who would best sing, Valdimar goes “Well, I only know my stuff…” Hello! Get too it then. Valdimar sang a song, and pleased they were, so they called for Mercury to come, and guide us. He sent us back in the opposite direction.

Again we found ourselves by Triton. In this case, we sent Beatrice forth, as she was much more fair and gentile than I, so we were allowed to proceed forward. She chose a Nyad to gamble for, and we put some magic beans on the line (m&m’s). The Nyad chosen was very fair, and had purple hair, and also held up Her Majesty’s arms. The challenge was for us to blazon said arms, then guess who the bearer was. We were close enough to win our Nyad, and the extra bonus question won us some Golden Rings.

Now, we journeyed on towards the wilds, and found ourselves at a fork in the road. As we discussed our plan, we were set upon by a lady, dressed all in silver and gold, bearing shield and sword. Knowing not a Goddess when we saw her, we sort of ignored her a little. Then, when we finally turned to her, I was a little smarmy in asking “What do we get if we best you?” There was little else to do but fight. After fighting the Goddess of War, Minerva, we were a little wiser, though some of us were a little less healthy.

Wistric and I were declared dead, and sent past Charon into Erebus (aka, Hell), as subjects of Pluto. The rest of the team soldiered on, hoping to find a way to get past Charon to rescue Wistric and me. After a long walk though the valley of fallen heroes, we came at last to the court of our new lord.

First, we were invited to make a bench for ourselves to sit upon. We did it incorrectly, so had to do so again. Then, there was word that a group of living adventurers were crossing into the realm, so Pluto sent me back out to greet and escort them. Upon arrival, Pluto offered them gold, water from the rivers of the underworld, or one of Wistric or I, depending upon the challenge they undertook. They lifted Wistric from the bench, so he was theirs to ransom. They ate a “hot coal” and thus, were given a bit of gold. I continued to sit.

Another group came, and they could not lift me, but left with their hot coals and gold.

Then yet another group came, this one with Squire William Thomas and Brother Amos among them. They lifted me, and thus, I was free of hell but their prisoner. I assured them that my team would ransom me back (I am still a French Nobleman at heart, of course I’ll be ransomed…), and they delivered their gift to Pluto, and we were off.

On the way back, I mentioned that Pluto had gold for the taking, and thus, we went back. Squire William bested Pluto in combat, and was thus given a small nugget of gold.

On the way back again, we found that the remnants of my team had paid their way past Charon and were on their way to rescue me. They paid my ransom with the coin that I would have paid to cross the river, and thus, I was a free man once again. My team and I, thus reunited, headed down into the court of Pluto to receive gifts of gold.

Pluto was quite surprised to see me back again. One would think I liked hanging out down there. None the less, I thought my team should have some gold from the lord of wealth. Turns out, in my absence, my team had visited Baccus, and had procured some of his strong wine. This, we were able to trade for water from one of the rivers of the underworld, and our Nyad was able to advise us on which to chose. Thus, we had our “hot coals” and returned to the land of the living with the orange elixir that would stun Mars.

Next, we looked to assure our victory, that we did not know we had secured, so we stopped by the fauns to see what they might have. Our Nyad sacred them away such that we could get past, and see the map of all the land. I held the door while my team studied the map.

Then, we ascended to the lair of the Hydra. We were to be quiet, so I had to hold my chainmail skirt up as it was clanging against my knee cops all day. My team was quite surprised that I could be so quiet in so much steel. Valdimar was prepared to sneak in, but time was running short, and another team was in the way of our victory. As such, we turned around, and made lots of noise to wake the Hydra, though we did not stay long to find out if it devoured the other team.

Down to the field of Mars, and found him there chasing another team around and around. We looked to gain audience with Venus, but first needed to get beyond Mars. He was stunned by our production of the orange vial, and thus, only Athos and I needed to suit up and defend ourselves against his minions while Valdimar and Beatrice went to see Venus. She was given a gift from her husband, Vulcan, a small mirror, and we were her messanger (the gold rings were traded with Vulcan while I was “dead”). We held them long enough, and produced a victory or two, while Beatrice made a cord to go around Venus’s arm and Valdimar entertained her attendants.

The combined skill on the field and off did impress these two Gods, so they did decide that is should be us who brought Venus before her loving and hopeful husband, Vulcan. So overjoyed was he that we brought his darling wife back to him, he gave us a gift that we should present to our King.

In court, we processed in behind the Gods, and brought the gift to our King. He unwrapped it, and found inside our new Sword of State. Being the wise and just king that he is, he gifted us that orange elixir that can stun even Mars, in the hopes that it would be useful in a Crown Tournament. As such, I have said elixir at home, and wait for the day that I can use it on the field. (for those who are wondering, it’s not a cordial, but just some orange water).

While the quest was successful, we mortals may still be wise to live in fear. It would seem that no one took the opportunity to climb the mountain and visit with Jupiter, and he is wroth with anger at our failure to pay homage to the King of the Gods. (Perhaps this calls for "Roman Quest 2, Revenge of Jupiter")

(The “hot coals” were hard boiled eggs, that were pickled, then dyed black, and then soaked in 7 hot sauces for a few days. They were disgusting, and it was hard not to gag with an entire egg in your mouth while you tried to chew it up.)

(Over all, I think I walked about 3 to 4 miles in 70 lbs of armor and kit. My shoulders are sore from the weight I put on them (chainmail skirt, breast plate, then my shield and helm were slung across them) and my claves are sore from walking all that way in period shoes.)

(You can see the map and such here: