Another Team Reports

Woo-hoo, I'm still recovering from Coronation. Thankfully, I have the day off.

I'll give my recollection of the Quest for those that didn't attend. (Fellow Questors please amend my mistakes and fill in parts I may omit.):

Our team was Kael the Vain (Anthony - our de facto leader), Richard the Bear, Mari of Verakai, Bergalf (from Mid Realm - our heavy fighter), and Kassiane (Arline). We gathered at the temple of the Oracle. She swooned as she told us that smoke was rising on the water. Then she sang the first few notes of Deep Purple's "Smoke on the Water", lol. The gods were angry, she said. We were charged to find out why and to try and make things right. Each team was given a special message from the Oracle that would help us. This was a poem with some obscure references to our objectives [Mari - I hope you still have the poem-maybe you can post it- I'm wondering if every team had the same poem?]. Each team member was given a small woolen pouch with a thread and a tassel. The thread was a life line. If a team member was defeated by a god or monster, they would forfeit their thread. If they were defeated a second time, they would lose their tassel and were considered dead. The dead person would then reach into their woolen pouch and read a message that told their fate, i.e. where they needed to go. Hint- they could be recovered.

Our poem mentioned something about a dam, so we wandered onto an earthen dam that formed the lake. I saw something laying at the far end of the dam. I
ran over and picked up a severed head tied with with rope. I hid it under my cloak, not wanting any other teams to spy what I thought was our first big clue/prize. We were all still standing on the bridge trying to figure what to do next, when Jonathan Blackbow walked past. I asked him if we found any quest items, should we take possession of them. He said yes, so I figured the severed head was ours to keep. We were still on the dam talking when I noticed Jonathan was donning a pretty scary skull mask. Aha! He's part of the quest. We approached, but he was silent. We asked him if he was a god, and after a game of charades, we learned that he was Charon the ferryman, who takes souls to Hades. So! Now we knew where any dead team members would
be sent. I showed him the severed head and he looked surprised. He asked for it back, so we guessed that it was part of his character's costume that I had found by accident.

Next, we traveled to the stables beside the archery field. There we met two satyrs. I don't remember what they asked us, but eventually they let us in the stables to see a large painted map of the event site, with symbols marking the locations of gods and monsters. Thankfully, I had a pen and Mari quickly drew the map on her arm. Good job-Mari.

From the map we learned that a lot of gods were on the trail beside the lake. We started up the trail when a female fighter called to us. She was a goddess-don' t remember which. She gave us some clues, but in return Bergalf had to fight her. She looked at his sword and told him his thrusting tip would be of use to him. He fought well and we continued.

Soon we met a god in a toga holding a conch shell. He offered to take us to see Triton if we could answer a question. He asked what were 100 Roman soldiers called. I said a century, which was correct. He took us to Triton. Triton told us that we could pick one of the naiads to follow us and aid us in our quest. We chose a lovely naiad (Thanks Elenor-sp?) that showed us a scroll bearing a device. Before we could take the naiad we had to blazon the device. Kael did a great job on this- only missing one detail. It was close enough. We took the naiad. Woo-hoo!

Next we met a god by a firepit. Can't remember his name. He had many instruments and commanded us to play or sing for him before he would help us. Mari led us in a version of the "Rooster Song" that she learned as a child. It was amusing and corny and the god was pleased. He banged a gong which summoned Mercury.

Mercury led us to Ariadne and the Minotaur. In order to pass we had to complete the labyrinth . This was one of those large wooden puzzles that has
several races that guide a steel ball through a course that is filled will holes. First we had to have four team members operate the knobs that tilted
the puzzle while Burgalf fought the Minotaur. We couldn't complete the labyrinth, but Burgalf defeated the Minotaur and also answered one of Ariadne's questions, so we were allowed to pass.

Next, we found the cyclops and his assistant. He was having a bad hair day because of the wind blowing in his one eye. The poem mentioned that we needed a sheep. The cyclops was guarding a flock of very loud sheep (played by a group of girls who were too cute in their sheep hats). Our brave fighter tried to defeat the cyclops, but he had forgotten that our poem had said something about skewering and the goddess had mentioned the thrusting tip. The point, no pun intended, is that the cyclops could only be killed by stabbing his eye. Well, Burgalf was killed and had to read his fate and depart. Aha - we knew where to resurrect him. We still needed a sheep and when we started to leave the junior cyclops took us aside and said that he hated his master. Maybe we could bribe him. We offered him some earrings and he let us have a sheep. We took the sheep and another sheep that looked like
Diane also tried to follow us. She was recaptured, though.

We split up for a while so that part of the team could get Burgalf back from Charon. While they did that, the rest of us went to get our sheep some food.
She said she was hungry. I don't think this part was scripted. The girl was really hungry. We found her an apple in the A & S hall and also talked to
the Fates while we were there. We all joined back together, including Burgalf. They had successfully bribed Charon.

Next we met Bacchus, god of wine and humor. He was a good spirited god, but wanted us to amuse him. Mari had to catch grapes in her cap. Kael had to take an egg on a spoon, dip it in the lake and return without dropping it. We also had to make Bacchus laugh so Burgalf said he could tell him a joke. We had to take our young sheep out of earshot so Burgalf could tell a dirty joke, so I can't repeat it here either. Bacchus thought it was hilarious so he gave us a small vial of wine that we could give to Mars.

We checked our map and noticed a spot near the youth combat field where a treasure chest was marked. We opened it, but it turned out to be Pandora's
box. We unleashed all the woes but were left one thing - Hope.

We checked the map again and we saw an anvil. On the main field we saw a real anvil and we met Vulcan. He was sad so we gave him - Hope, of course. He said he his wife Venus had run off with Mars. This had angered the other gods. He needed something to fashion a bribe for Mars to get his lady back. (I'm not sure I'm getting this part right, I was pretty tired by this time.) He mentioned the golden fleece as something he could use.

We met a goddess nearby that I mistook for a god. It could have been the beard and cigar that fooled me. He did have a large chest, but I thought they were man-teats, lol. He/She told us we could win coins to take to Vulcan if we made a wager on a rapier fighter. We made some bets, but lost.

We determined that the golden fleece was being guarded by Hydra. The Hydra was on a trail beyond the archery range. We had been warned that the Hydra was asleep and we needed to be quiet in order not to wake it. The Hydra was represented by several heavy fighters "sleeping" around a large tree. Since we only had one heavy fighter, we thought that we could use stealth to get the fleece. The fleece was sitting atop a ten foot wall. On the wall was a netting that had bells on it. Kael, being the most nimble among us, determined to scale the wall. He was doing a great job, when he accidentally rang a bell. The Hydra woke and was charging him. Kael instantly knew what to do. He scrambled up the wall and grabbed the fleece. He flung it towards me, but it landed on the ground, several feet away. There was a gully and a hill between me and the fleece. I was scrambling to get it, but afraid that the Hydra would get there first. Kael, meantime had jumped off the wall and ran to the fleece and bounded down the hill, screaming for us all to run
away. We had stolen the golden fleece! Huzzah!

When we returned to Vulcan, he informed us that another team had brought Venus back to him and our quest was over. He thanked us for our efforts.

So ends my tale.

Richard the Bear