Oracular Statement for Bacchus-not needed

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Since we have 9 introductory stations without this, we don't need an oracle clue for this station. Also, since it is very close to the Temple of Mercury and Triton, people will find it anyway.

the bacchanal will probably be on the field where the hofla was the night before. maybe not.
There's a small picnic shelter on the "additional camping" field near the Temple of Mercury. We'll put Bacchus there.

things to include in the clue:
bacchanal (some people won't know what one is!)
lifting sorrows

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quick & dirty rough draft

Use all or none, as it suits...

Sometimes, thou mayest feel like a nut
Sometimes, thou mayest not
Come and join thou the bacchanalian rites
Enjoy the sight of Sir B. in tights
(we're men....men in tights
(TIGHT tights!)
we roam around the forest looking for sprites
they dance and play while we sit and stare
the little women who aren't there
they aren't there again today
oh Gods we wish they'd go away
Or pour us another frosty one!!!

What the world needs is a good ELE. - Jonathan Blackbow

Ok, I seriously doubt the

Ok, I seriously doubt the tights reference will fly with Sir B. Also, per his vehement statements, he will not be appearing shirtless in any way, shape, or form. Tunic and toga, grape leaf/vine wreath, and a beer. :) No tights.