Bacchanal Props, Scenery and Supplies

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We need Beer, wine, food, decorations, dancing girls, dancing boys, etc.

The picnic shelter is the place for this! If it is available.

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Sounds like a Hafla....

... should we perhaps reach out to the Persian / Turkish dance communities? Baroness Molly of Dun Carraig may be a good point of contact for this, if so -- their recent "Day in the Middle East" event was well attended.....

Asim could get together a

Asim could get together a contingent of dancers for this area.

(Corby, check your email please)

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It's a Party at the Bacchanal

I had hoped that this party would be at the Picnic Shelter, but that's taken up by some other activity.

But for the most part, the bacchanal is just a party, and all typical party activities are welcome. We just need some eating and drinking contests run by Balynar.

Dancers of any type, drinkers and eaters of any type.

Que Les Mauvais Soient Dévoré de la Flamme

If there's not going to be

If there's not going to be any peerages made, the spot where the peerage tent was put up last time would probably be a good place to put up a tent and let Balynar quaff to his heart's content.

What the world needs is a good ELE. - Jonathan Blackbow

fun and games for the Bacchanalia

So far, we have three games: a chugging contest, a grape-throwing test of skill and accuracy (Bacchus throws grapes at a quester who has to catch them in his/her mouth), and possibly an egg toss of some kind (this was Kira's idea) or a variation on the egg and spoon race.

The beverages will likely be non-alcoholic (red and white grape juice in glass decanters), but we will have some beer or other libation on hand for those over 21 and not fighting. Right now, the glass decanters will likely be clear glass vases I happen to have a number of around here -- no handles, but they will work nicely.

What I need are suggestions for other games and things to do.....and how much food/drink do I have to have prepared for this, do you all think? Do I need to bring our dayshade?

a pinata? blind man's

a pinata? blind man's bluff? pin-the-tail? blind man's bluff with the pinata stick? ;>

[actually pin-the-tail fits in perfectly with Bacchus...the "donkey's ears" story of Midas...]

charades with a greek theme.

OOOO...I'm EVIL...charades with a greek theme, but the theme is QUEST ANSWERS.

You could probably get Sem (Ulf, Sinclair's squire) to sit in with one of his drinking card games, too.

Indian Poker. Same as 5 card draw but you hold the cards in front of your head so you can see everybody's hand BUT yours.

What the world needs is a good ELE. - Jonathan Blackbow