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Here are some assumptions

• Five Teams of Questers

• Twelve Important Stations

• Four Hours

• Victory can only be achieved through completing all Important stations

• We actually WANT at least one team to be victorious

• The Site won't require more than 10 minutes travel from one      station to another

• That means, approximately:

• total travel time between a conservative 1 hour

• 3 hours remain

• Stations must AVERAGE no more than FIFTEEN minutes each

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Diffiucult task

Sometimes trying to ogranzie people is like hearding cats. Maybe if there was a fifteen minute hourglass to measure the time and a gong to change stations?

I like that you are setting up people to win. That is an important point that is often overlooked by people who make games. It's easy to see the victory from where we stand, but difficult from theirs.

This looks like a great quest and I'm looking forward to hearing about it.