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Post Marinus

NOt a bad little event, but Marinus Baronial Birthday took its time getting started. Luckily, I was able to find a quiet classroom in the extraordinarily scary Stonebridge School for Future Republican Zealots where I could take an undisturbed nap. Getting there at 8 AM with Evja meant several hours of waiting around for other things to start.
Once people began to look like they might fight, I did some marshalling and instructing of marshal, then at last, at the height of the day on the longest day of the year, fighting started.
Several folks who would otherwise have been in the tourney had already used themselves up in the Baronial Champs tourney, so the bearpit field was only about 10 people. I won the day, especially after it got too hot for any but the heat tolerant to come out for the second portion of the fighting. I happily gave away the shield blank to a very enthusiastic Molly, after Evja introduced me to her and her gigantic husband Ranulf.
Sunday I found a place at the beach that sells water plants. That helped with a problem that I have getting to a garden center in C'ville. Then off to my sister's for a mexican brunch and several hours of upgrading and tuning up nephew Alex's iMac.

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Woke up early and packed for the weekend while Thjora slept on the couch. Much to my surprise I think I've remembered everything and can just leave directly from work, saving 30 minutes or so. Philip and the kids are leaving this afternoon.
I ought to reach Evja's by 8:45 or so with a bit of traffic luck. (I sure got my share of bad traffic yesterday, with a 2+ hour commute from UVA due to a massive backup on 64.)

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