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Hastilude at the Hollow - Pictures on Flickr

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Armored Combat Practice is ON tomorrow at the Dells

Weather looks great tomorrow, so we're on to practice from 6-8 or later if there's interest. I'm sure this practice will also involve some planning for the student activities fair, which is next Monday, 11-2pm. While Corby intends to help and any help is welcome, this recruiting opportunity works best if our efforts are spearheaded by students. Come help Ross out!
As for tomorrow, letting me know you're coming out is the best way to assure you will have armor if you need it!
Several great local events are coming up. Please talk to Corby if you're interested in any of these:
Hastilude at the Hollow on August 31st.
Hilltop Winery Demo September 8th. Free! Very local!
Fall University September 15th
Battles of Britain September 29th
Don't be shy! Come on out to one or more of these events and learn more about what the larger SCA is up to!
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Black belts’ white matter shows how a powerful punch comes from the brain

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Pennsic Wrap Up Pic Harvest: Aradd & the Woods


Aradd's Champion Fight - 1



Aradd's Champion Fight - 2



Aradd's Champion Fight - 3



Aradd's Champion Fight - 5



Aradd's Champion Fight - 6



Aradd's Champion Fight - 7



Aradd's Champion Fight - 8



A bunch of killers!
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Pennsic unpacking delayed by a very odd situation

Seems the dogs cornered a cat in the garage a few days ago. A collarless cat. They injured it, we thought it ran off.


It has been hiding, injured, under our shelves where all the Pennsic stuff goes. We would never have seen it if Thjora hadn't taken the mostly empty garage as an opportunity to do belated spring cleaning.

So now we've cornered it, blocked it in with a dog crate containing wet dog food, and are waiting for it to hopefully drag itself into the crate. It's pretty weak and bound to be hungry. Unfortunately, there's no such thing as Fluvanna County Animal Control. If we can get it in the crate, we can take it to the local SPCA.

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Sunset on the return trip

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Yesterday's glory is today's chore.

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Catching a ride after the Pennsic woods battle

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The view

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Best company to ride out a storm.


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