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Novice Tourney at Ruby Joust

That's some novice shield control.

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Novice Tourney at Ruby Joust - Best Pics

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Armour Leggings Printed Chainmail and Metal Tights

I'm sure Ella will want some of these.


The latest from MITMUNK: Printed armour metal plate and chainmail leggings in a deep teal colour.

Look like you're wearing actual body armor with these meticulously designed, comfortable leggings. Straps, buckles, lights, bolts, chains--all these details are carefully laid out across the print. A flattering fish scale pattern embellishes the waist. For a rough and tough look, scratches and rust appear worn into the blue-green "metal" hugging your leg--just like you've been hard at work kicking ass!

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various good shots from Golden Rose

Golden Rose 460.JPG Golden Rose 511.JPG Golden Rose 540.JPG Golden Rose 159.JPG

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Golden Rose: No, I didn't forget the ladies

Golden Rose 304.JPG Golden Rose 379.JPG Golden Rose 380.JPG Golden Rose 392.JPG

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Even liegeman need hugs

Golden rose 365.jpg

More after the break.

Golden rose 370.jpg

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Golden Rose: "Defense is for the Weak"

Golden Rose 255.JPG Golden Rose 256.JPG

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Golden Rose: Theron & Ragnar

Golden Rose 122.JPG Golden Rose 135.JPG Golden Rose Fighting

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HRM Amos tried to drive Bryce into my lap

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A little preview of many more Golden Rose pics to come

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