Colin's Belt, Chain, and Spurs

Okay, to help me remember all those things that are important to a knight I'm placing them together here so I'll never forget (or at least I'll know where to look them up). Anyway, upon my knighting I was given a belt, chain, and a set of spurs. Each of these items has a deep meaning for me. Allow me now to share their lineage with you.

Chain: My knighting chain has a short but honored history. It was give by Duke Bertrand de Flammepoing, the first Duke from Caer Mear, to Sir Corby at his knighting and Sir Corby passed it to me.

Spurs: My spurs are the ones originally placed on Alaric von Rostern at his knighting. Count Alaric was the first knight made from the Barony of Caer Mear, the first Prince of Atlantia, and the first Atlantian to win a crown. In 1976 they passed to Sir Tojeneraum, second from Caer Mear to be knighted, and the fifth Prince of Atlantia. In 1979 the spurs graced the heels of Brytor, third from Caer Mear to be knighted, the third, fourth and eighth Prince of Atlantia. After a rest, in 1995 they passed to Sir Corby, sixth from Caer Mear to be knighted. In 2002, they passed to me.

Belt: My actual belt is original made for me when I was a squire. The tradition of my lineage is to give the squire a white belt where the smooth side faces inward. The exposed rough service is dyed red. The brass for my squire's belt was made from the hearth of Sir Corby's fireplace. Upon my knighting, the brass was reversed and the belt turned over. I have recently reversed the brass again and passed this belt to my first squire. The hide it was cut from has made belts for the following: Duke Gyrth, Duke Bertrand, Duke Visivald, Viscount Breytor, Viscount TJ, Count Alaric, Sir Tnek, Sir Corby, and myself.

I look forward to the day when it is time to pass these on to the next in the line.