Character Notes for Quest Staff

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First, thanks again to all of you for agreeing to be part of this quest. With your help, we are going to create something people across the SCA will talk about for years and years.

Nobles from all over Atlantia are helping with this. Our goddess Minerva comes from the Kingdom of Northshield and one Naiad from the Midrealm. I'm certain there will be a team from the Midrealm too. Prizes, gifts and props came from overseas. We have staff with 20+ years and multiple peerages and staff coming to their second SCA event. The amount of work everyone has done so far humbles me.

There's still all the set up on Friday night and Saturday morning to do.

But the real work starts at the close of First Court on Saturday around noon. When the quest starts.

Shortly I'll post notes for each god, immortal, monster and group of spirits. But there are a few things that are true for all of you who may interact with the questers.

First and foremost: every one of you has the ability to make a quest team succeed or fail, to make the quest itself succeed or fail. For some of you this is explicit–Mars could stop everyone from reaching Venus. Venus could refuse everyone's request that she return to Vulcan. All the Gods and Goddesses may directly order any quester to do any thing. Any quester's death probably slows the team down by an hour, if they choose to try to rescue their dead team-mate. Each of you have some piece of the quest that relies on you. And any one piece may be the one that a team needs to succeed.

You may hint to help questers as you care to, broadly or subtly. And truthfully, it is fine if you are less helpful in the first hour than you are in the last two hours. If it seems that every team is at a loss with an hour to go, it is time to drop some hints!

There is no one way that this quest may be accomplished. There are many ways past Mars to Venus, more than I can count. So no one will have a clear idea how close the quest is to being achieved until, at least, someone gets past Mars. Even then, Venus may send them away.

A few mundane matters:

  • If you need a food, rest room or other break and don't want to be bothered by questers during it, take off whatever quest badge you're wearing.
  • Please try for any one person from your station to have a charged cell phone handy, and please email me that number. (So Triton's station requires 1 cell #, not 10.) I'll compile this and send it back out to everyone by next Thursday. This includes all marshals accompanying teams, please.
  • I'll have a wandering assistant on Saturday who can offer advice or help to the quest staff. He won't have a quest badge on. This is Kirk Gisiner, sometimes known as Lord Lewis Abbott.

All of us have to walk a delicate balance between making the unworthy fail and letting the worthy succeed. Do not hesitate to use whatever "powers" your station or role allow you to punish those who think of this only as a chance to fight all over camp, or who do not act in the spirit of the day. But please put aside ego when considering whether someone has shown the "right stuff," especially on the fighting field. All the fighting gods have such advantages over the questers that they could completely defeat a team in a few minutes. But is that what they deserve?

Nor is fighting the only way that bias can affect things. It is quite likely that some children will be on teams. You have to be prepared to say "no" to a cute little 10-14 year old girl who has just asked you nicely for something that she has not earned for her team. Make her earn it.

I cannot be at every station. I trust you. If you feel you need more information to play your role correctly, please ask. (As I said, I'm starting to post notes for each role, working backward from Venus. These notes will appear on the character's main page.) But I cannot anticipate every odd plan the questers may come up with.

Take on your role, read your notes, enjoy yourself, be fair but don't take crap from questers. By doing that, I think we shall all have a great time and a worthy team shall achieve a great victory for themselves, our soon-to-be Crowns, and Atlantia.

Thank you.

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