Camp Projects

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The household needs some things for the next time we camp as a group.

I'll list them here, but I'll break them down with their own subtopic below. Feel free to make other suggestions.

Weapon Rack--I threw out the hideous green thing. We need one bigger and sturdier than what we had.

Arming Tent--the one we have is very old, cramped, never waterproof and now Markie-chewed.

Kitchen Tent

And not exactly a household-wide project, but our personal tent needs new, prettier poles for the canopy.

Other ideas?

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Weapon Rack Requirements

Here's what it needs to be:

High wind-resistant
Useful for long and single handed weapons

This year the rack was in the arming tent. Next year, it should be outside of it.

Capacity needs to be roughly 10-12 long weapons and 10 short weapons. I brought 4 polearms and two spears plus three swords to the war this year. While most people don't bring that many, I think we'll have more than one per person.

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Arming Tent

Thjora intends to make a new arming tent this coming year. We already have the sunforger canvas.

She really wants to paint spirals from the ground to the tip, so if you have an idea on how to do that, let her know.

It would also be useful if we could figure out how to organize it better as an armor storage area. Maybe we all need armor storage boxes? This year's set up dealt with a great deal of dampness, and while I've never been in favor of keeping armor sealed up in plastic boxes, if we kept armor in them with the lids open, it would make it easier to walk around and keep gear out of the wet.

Or do we need a helm rack too?

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Been a while

I haven't looked at this thread in a loooong time.

Theo and Roland bought a Kitchen Tent. Thjora made an arming tent.

We still don't have a weapon rack, helm stand or new poles for the exterior of our personal tent. Glad I looked here to remind myself! At the very least, I can get the latter done.

I'd love to see someone with, you know, actual woodworking skills build us a weapon rack for Vair and Ermine. Mine will always look like I built it, and you know my motto for building stuff: "An eighth of an inch should be close enough!" That's why I'm a leather worker.

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Other Camp Projects

No particular order, just as I think of them:
New, taller flag pole. Safer and easier to put up would be good too.
new stake loops for our personal tent