Brother Can You Spare a Dime on New Year's?

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As for the last several years, we're hosting a New Year's Eve Party at Two Dog Hill. And as with most things at our place, it will probably be more than a party: armor making, book research, dancing, cider racking, wine tasting, fight practicing and general craftiness are all on tap. I know for certain that siobhan_sca intends to attend for several days so we can hang a shield for her, do some instruction, figure out armor and perhaps make some gear for her. She is leaning toward Roman with lamellar. I've been thinking of the latter myself for a while. Maybe we should buy some plates ahead of that week.

I'm casting about for a party theme, as I think we have probably used up the novelty of the last two years' "Hats" theme. At the moment, I'm thinking of "Welcome to the Second Great Depression." Instead of soup kitchens, it is nursing a single cup of coffee and a worn out laptop sucking down free wifi at Panera to cruise Linkedin for job prospects. You get the idea.

Ok, not compelling. Help a guy out here!

If you have been before, you're invited again. If you think you would be welcome this time, you almost certainly are. Just let us know you would like to attend so we know how to plan. Bedrooms are first come first serve, as are the sofas.