Bored Bored Bored

I'm completely bored and goofing off here at work...i'm totally useless today. I know I should be doing something for my paycheck, but i'm too, well, overfull from Pennsic.

So instead, I will bitch about a wierdness I saw towards the end of the war. Let me know if any of ya'll have experienced this sad situation yourselves or if it is just me.

Towards the end of the war, I began to see some really questionable stuff from the Midrealm. Particularly, from this knight of my aquantance. He supposedly died in the first press of one of the bridges, and yet, a few moments later, there he was again, in the front line.

Ok, I think, no big deal, our guys (three or four of them) must have been mistaken. He either obviously wasn't dead when they asked him, or they have the wrong guy.

Then he did it again in the next bridge. Hm.

Then the castle battles came around and I watched him get his spear taken from him. He was complaining about loosing it when he got gacked, clearly, in the face. Then he was gacked again. All the while there IS NO HOLD going on. And he is still bitching about his spear and now dodging the additional spear shots being thrown at him.

I died a few moments later and ran back to the same part of the ramparts where I saw him gleefully poking at our guys with his spear again...and then later on, on another press, I saw him kneeling in the backfield, resting. With a greatsword.

WTF? I know there must be a story here right?

Unforunatly, at the time, I got that sickening feeling in the pit of my stomach (that usually is right about these sorts of things)that told me that this guy had decided that he just wasn't going to loose. That the asswhupping that he and his guys had been taking was ENOUGH, and he wasn't having anything to do with it.

I know I should have walked up to him when I saw him later and approached him about it, but frankly, I was too pissed. I was afriad that I was going to make an ass of myself, and I KNOW that I will have to deal with this guy off the field again next year, so I bit my tongue. I accept that makes me part of the problem.

What I want to know is, has anyone else had similiar stories like this from Pennsic, or Gulf Wars, etc?

I really got the sense that this guy had just given up on the rules of the list, and just didn't give a shit...

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Now that you mention it, in retrospect I must say that I experienced about as clean a war as I can recall.

The only problem I had was a loud eternally grumpy Darkmoonie who thought I blew off his shot from a 12 inch long mace, delivered while he was backpedalling and blocking as hard as he could. It hit like he had thown an empty toilet paper roll at my head and he claimed it had "jerked my helmet."

He was half right--there was a jerk involved.

Actually I saw a guy on the b

Actually I saw a guy on the bridge battle charge at a group of us and we clubbed him down to the ground, and the marshals tell him to get out he gets right up and walks right back in the front line and starts poking at us with his spear. He had a red V on his helm with a black mantle. I saw him get killed two or three more times after that and just reshuffle himself in line. That was the only time I saw anyone do anything that obvious at war.