Augean Stables and the Filthy Fauns: Falcone

We have access to the stables. We'll lock all but one door. (I'm assuming there's more than one door and that they lock!) If there's an unused exterior hasp for a lock we can use, then we can put the old lock being sent by Aaron into use, and Trivia (or someone else) can have the key.
Falcone, Gotfrid and several other stout lads in furry pants lounge around, blocking the only unlocked door. They're rude and insulting and leer laviciously at any women. They are unarmored. They lie around drinking wine.

They are afraid of the naiads, who can toss water on them, which they hate.
They like wine, and might take wine from Bacchus' party in exchange for moving.
They like goats, and might take one to eat.
They don't care about money.
They'll take any female member of the quest party as payment for entering.
They might be lured into chasing a female quester away from the door.

Inside the stable is a very big map laid out in the form of a floor mosaic. (Corby's making this) It shows every quest location by name.

After some time (at the faun's discretion,) the fauns come back and hustle them out.

Map for the stables

Note my shield behind and on the left for scale. This map is something like 54" by 36".

Oracular Statement for the Stables

Great filth cleaned away in Herculean wise, then you are swifter than a riderless horse.


Lazy loutish wind drinking makes it hard to have the stable foundation you need. Get some water.