Thing Three: Run the Left

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Running the left is exactly like Thing Two if 85% of your shieldmen are left handed. If they are, very cool for you. If not, your righties need to adjust the way they cover the last bit of ground between themselves and the foe--the place where they are actually able to be hit by an opponent.

As shieldmen run, they naturally want to keep their shields between themselves and the enemy. This is easy to do if you're running forward or at an angle along the direction opposite to that of your shield arm. That is--righties can run right and lefties can run left while staying behind their shields. To do otherwise requires extra care.

That extra care is often best executed as a more careful engagement at the last moment of contact--rather than sliding into the target at an angle as righties can get away with when running the right, it is much more important for righties who are running the left to circle directly opposite the point they want to hit and then enter it at a 90 degree angle to the opponent's shields.

If you're in charge of two groups of fighters and have to encircle both sides of a target, use the more experienced group for running the left.